Greek Architecture

Study Greek Temples in your local town or city

You are very interested in Greek Architecture, but you may not be able to visit Agrigento, Selinus or Segesta in Sicily (best preserved Greek temples are here, not in Greece), Paestum in Italy or Athens and Bassae in Greece. Not this year anyway. But do not despair - the chances are that if you live anywhere in Europe, the Americas - or anywhere in the world where European architecture has had an influence, there is abundant material right on your doorstep.

Basic knowledge

All you need to start is the basic understanding of a few technical terms:

Architecture Quiz

To reinforce your understanding, I suggest you take this simple illustrated quiz in order to reinforce your knowledge and understanding of these technical terms.

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A Classical Tour of a typical small town

A typical architecturally dull English town can still demonstrate some striking examples of Greek building concepts. The town in question is Bedford, uncertain whether it's East Anglia, The Midlands or Home Counties. A quintessentially provincial place. I could have chosen Bath or York - places with close connections to the classical world - but I prefer to show how classical forms can be found in the least promising spots.

Start your tour (in Harpur Square)