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Fun & entertainment
Games & Quizzes -The Iliad, The Odyssey, Medea, Bacchae,Lysistrata...
Fun with Latin - interactive games ofrom the original Cambridge School Classics Project website
Words & Derivations - linguistic curiosities
The "great books" - a nostalgic look and Kennedy, North, Hillard, Botting and co.
Rude Latin - how to insult people in the langage of Plautus.
The Maths/Classics project - how mathematicians and classicists can learn from each other!
"Classic Cars" - why do so many cars have pseudo-classical names?
Sporting Quotes - sports writers can never resist airing their classical erudition.
Letters - a small selection of the more entertaining emails I've dealt with
Classical clichés - a list of tags for politicians and others who need to impress!
Plato's Republic - a reading guide to the Republic
Socrates - - his trial and execution, according to Simon the shoemaker
Philosophical curiosities - - interesting sidelights on ancient philosophy
Greek Pottery - pages on shapes, manufacture, decoration and use of Athenian vases.
Sculpture - discussion of selected Greek sculpture
Greek Architecture - how to study it in your home town.
Guide to myths - where to find information about myths on the site.
The Sphinx - her significance, from Egypt to Oedipus
Greek Literature
Iliad - introduction to the Iliad, and an interactive game to test your knowledge
Odyssey - play the Odyssey Game as Odysseus, Penelope or Telemachus.
Also: the truth about the Cyclops
Sappho - poet of fire from the island of Lesbos. Includes samples read in Greek.
Aeschylus - discussion of important issues raised in Agamemnon.
Oedipus - several pages discussing Sophocles' Oedipus, and its importance. Includes the challenging Oedipus Game.
Antigone - pages examining the play, and an intriguing game.
Euripides - my translations of Helen, Phoenissae and Orestes (performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Latest: Ion
Bacchae - discussion of the controversial drama, and a web game based on it.
Medea - discussion of the play and its issues, and the Medea Game.
Lysistrata - a light-hearted interactive game based on Aristophanes' notorious comedy.
Aristophanes' Peace - Reading Guide, Production Notes, War & Peace
Lucians 'True Story' - a translation of the first ever science fiction, by the Greek Douglas Adams.
Greek Drama reviews - my assessment of productions I have seen.
Latin Literature
Catullus - read - and listen to - two of Catullus' poems to Lesbia.
Sulpicia - a Roman girl's voice
Virgil - Translations, notes and commentary on selected books of the Aeneid. New translation of Book 1 Feb 2005
Horace - the Pyrrha ode.
Propertius - Cynthia.
The Golden Ass - an illustrated re-telling of Apuleius' famous story
Quintilian - some modern-sounding ideas form the great work on education
Social History
Women - pages on women's status. Pages on women in myth - Atalanta, Cassandra, Echo, Diana, Pandora and more.
The Symposium - drinking parties: men behaving badly
Technology - the silver mines at Laurium
Seapower - Trireme - the deadly Athenian warship - and why did they all have girls' names?
Eros - aspects of Love.
Olympic Games - fact and fiction about the ancient games.
Oracles - How the ancient world tried to find answers to life, the universe and everything.
The Athenian Agora - An exploration of the social, economic and political centre of ancient Athens
Greece - Nemea, Sparta, Oracles
Greece 1971 - memoir of a historic tour
Sicily - a site within a site: a tour of Sicily and its wonders - natural, historical, artistic, gastronomic ...
Classics in the cinema - great disaster movies!
Classics on TV
Books - reviews and comments on recent publications
Legal Latin - in memoriam
Benefits of a classical education - some who've made it!
The Romans
The Romans - A complete website in its own right. Based on the best-selling book by Antony Kamm, The Romans is the complete introduction to Roman history, literaure, art and civilisation. Hundreds of illustrations, plus timelines and interactive quizzes.
Harry Potter
Greek Harry Potter - news and updates about my ancient Greek translation. Reprinted 2010.
Greek - English Lexicon - vocabulary for Greek Harry Potter.
Notes & Commentary - notes and commentary on the ancient Greek translation.
Teachers' Pages
For teachers - links to sites, software, organisations.