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Fun & entertainment
Games & Quizzes -The Iliad, The Odyssey, Medea, Bacchae,Lysistrata...
Fun with Latin - interactive games ofrom the original Cambridge School Classics Project website
Words & Derivations - linguistic curiosities
The "great books" - a nostalgic look and Kennedy, North, Hillard, Botting and co.
Rude Latin - how to insult people in the langage of Plautus.
The Maths/Classics project - how mathematicians and classicists can learn from each other!
"Classic Cars" - why do so many cars have pseudo-classical names?
Sporting Quotes - sports writers can never resist airing their classical erudition.
Letters - a small selection of the more entertaining emails I've dealt with
Classical clichés - a list of tags for politicians and others who need to impress!
Plato's Republic - a reading guide to the Republic
Socrates - - his trial and execution, according to Simon the shoemaker
Philosophical curiosities - - interesting sidelights on ancient philosophy
Greek Pottery - pages on shapes, manufacture, decoration and use of Athenian vases.
Sculpture - discussion of selected Greek sculpture
Greek Architecture - how to study it in your home town.
Guide to myths - where to find information about myths on the site.
The Sphinx - her significance, from Egypt to Oedipus
Greek Literature
Iliad - introduction to the Iliad, and an interactive game to test your knowledge
Odyssey - play the Odyssey Game as Odysseus, Penelope or Telemachus.
Also: the truth about the Cyclops
Sappho - poet of fire from the island of Lesbos. Includes samples read in Greek.
Aeschylus - discussion of important issues raised in Agamemnon.
Oedipus - several pages discussing Sophocles' Oedipus, and its importance. Includes the challenging Oedipus Game.
Antigone - pages examining the play, and an intriguing game.
Euripides - my translations of Helen, Phoenissae and Orestes (performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Latest: Ion
Bacchae - discussion of the controversial drama, and a web game based on it.
Medea - discussion of the play and its issues, and the Medea Game.
Lysistrata - a light-hearted interactive game based on Aristophanes' notorious comedy.
Aristophanes' Peace - Reading Guide, Production Notes, War & Peace
Lucians 'True Story' - a translation of the first ever science fiction, by the Greek Douglas Adams.
Greek Drama reviews - my assessment of productions I have seen.
Latin Literature
Catullus - read - and listen to - two of Catullus' poems to Lesbia.
Sulpicia - a Roman girl's voice
Virgil - Translations, notes and commentary on selected books of the Aeneid. New translation of Book 1 Feb 2005
Horace - the Pyrrha ode.
Propertius - Cynthia.
The Golden Ass - an illustrated re-telling of Apuleius' famous story
Quintilian - some modern-sounding ideas form the great work on education
Social History
Women - pages on women's status. Pages on women in myth - Atalanta, Cassandra, Echo, Diana, Pandora and more.
The Symposium - drinking parties: men behaving badly
Technology - the silver mines at Laurium
Seapower - Trireme - the deadly Athenian warship - and why did they all have girls' names?
Eros - aspects of Love.
Olympic Games - fact and fiction about the ancient games.
Oracles - How the ancient world tried to find answers to life, the universe and everything.
The Athenian Agora - An exploration of the social, economic and political centre of ancient Athens
Greece - Nemea, Sparta, Oracles
Greece 1971 - memoir of a historic tour
Sicily - a site within a site: a tour of Sicily and its wonders - natural, historical, artistic, gastronomic ...
Classics in the cinema - great disaster movies!
Classics on TV
Books - reviews and comments on recent publications
Legal Latin - in memoriam
Benefits of a classical education - some who've made it!
The Romans
The Romans - A complete website in its own right. Based on the best-selling book by Antony Kamm, The Romans is the complete introduction to Roman history, literaure, art and civilisation. Hundreds of illustrations, plus timelines and interactive quizzes.
The Persians
The Persians - Another complete website in its own right. A comprehensive introduction to the history and culture of Iran from the bronze age to the Arab conquest: the Achaemenids, Arsacids (Parthians) and Sasanians.
Harry Potter
Greek Harry Potter - news and updates about my ancient Greek translation. Reprinted 2010.
Greek - English Lexicon - vocabulary for Greek Harry Potter.
Notes & Commentary - notes and commentary on the ancient Greek translation.
Teachers' Pages
For teachers - links to sites, software, organisations.