The Ancient Olympics

How much do you think you know?
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    The ancient Olympics always began with the lighting of the sacred flame
    No woman ever competed in the ancient Olympics.
    All competitors in the ancient Olympics were naked.
    The sprint was the most important race in the ancient Olympics.
    The ancient Olympics were held every four years between 776BC and 393AD (1,170 years)
    The pankration was the most violent event in the games
    The ancient games continued to be held even in wartime
    There were no team sports in the ancient games
    The Javelin and Discus were never events in the ancient Olympics.
    Cheating was unknown in the ancient Olympics
    The Marathon was never an event in the ancient Olympics
    There were events for different age-groups in the ancient Olympics.
    The ancient Olympics were not about winning, but taking part
    Only at the ancient Olympics was there ever truly amateur sport
    In the ancient world, sport and politics never mixed.