Help for the Iliad Game

  1. The game is designed to be an interesting and possibly amusing way of testing your knowledge of Homer's Iliad. Complete novices might do well to read it first, or to have a copy beside them!
  2. You will need Javascript enabled., and to allow scripting windows if your browser asks.
  3. If you wish - as is likely (it's a long game) - to go offline, make a drink, have a sleep, and return later, this is the way to do it (It's slightly complicated, because you can't bookmark a frame: my cunning system gets round this limitation):-
  4. Find out the number of the page you have reached. In EXPLORER You can most easily do this by RIGHT clicking on the page, then looking at Properties. The properties window has the page title and number at the top (eg "Iliad Game 2"). Using NETSCAPE You can most easily do this by RIGHT clicking on the page, and selecting "View Frame Info". The page number is given in the Frame Info window (eg "Title: Iliad Game 2")
  5. Make a note of this page number.
  6. When you return load the Classics Pages ( in the normal way. On the main menu select Iliad Game (under Achilles Page).
  7. When you get back to the game click on the NAVIGATE button on this bar. From the popup menu, select the page you were last using.
  8. Click on the the appropriate Page Number and you will be back where you were.
  9. You can also use this feature to jump forwards or backwards, or to test yourself on a specific book of the Iliad
  10. Good luck!

If you don't know an answer, do not despair! You could try looking it up in your text, but it might be easier to pop up one of the menus next to this one (Greeks, Trojans, Immortals). All the characters named in the questions (and answers) are listed here - and you can click on a name to find out whether the details fit. If utterly desperate, you could try cheating by using the Navigate button (see above). But this of course would spoil all the fun! Please let me know if you meet any problems: it is very hard to be sure there are no bugs in a program of this size. Many thanks to those who've done so already! [Updated April 2011]