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Philotimia : "Ambition". Word used for rivalry between politicians and others - not incompatible, however with ...

Eleutheria: "Freedom". One of the key words of the Athenian democracy.

Euphemia: "Silence"

Euporia: "Plenty"

Pronoia: "Foresight"

Boetheia: "Help" [in sense of reinforcement]

Aktis: "Sunbeam"

Aura : "Breeze"

Gnome :"Intelligence"

Dikaiosyne: "Justice"

Hegemone: "Leadership"

Demokratia: "Democracy"

Nike: "Victory" (like Nelson's flagship) - and various combinations: Aristonike: Victory for the best. Kleonike - famous in victory. Polynike: much victorious. Axionike - worthy of victory. Pasinike - Victory for all; Agathonike : glorious in victory; Stratonike - victory for the army; Kallenike (sic) - Beautiful in victory; Polemonike - Victorious in War; Nikariste - best victory; Nausinike - Victory in Ships

Homonoia :"Harmony" - now the name of the busiest square in Athens

Apobasis: landing, disembarkation. Something to look forward to as a rower!

Eudaimonia: "Happiness"

Symmachia: The Alliance

Epideixis : Show, Display [as a part of philotimia - Athenians were not ashamed to flaunt their wealth, if they had it]

Andreia : "Courage"

Eukarpia: "Fruitfulness"

Hygieia : "Health"

Dynamis: "Power"


Parrhesia : "Free Speech"

Hegemonia: "Leadership"

Doxa: "Glory"

Eutychia: "Good luck"

Parataxis: being a buddy - fighting alongside

Eunoia: "Loyalty"

Strategis: "Generalship"

Theoris : "Sacred Mission"

Eueteria: "Prosperity"

Anysis: "Achievement"

Syntaxis : fighting together