Poetry with the comet circumflex system.

William Overington

Copyright 2002 William Overington

Tuesday 22 October 2002

Is it possible for original poetry to be written using the comet circumflex system?

Rhyming would not be possible, yet rhyming is not essential.

A pattern of syllable counting, such as with haiku, is not possible.

However, one way to achieve a poetic effect can be the changing of word order. For example, a sentence could be as follows.

A bird flies amongst the trees.

Altering the word order can produce the following.

Amongst the trees flies a bird.

Please consider the following sentence.

It is green.

Changing the word order produces the following.

Green is its colour.

This document contains a selection of sentences intended as a toolkit of sentences to enable any readers who are interested to try to write a piece of poetry using the comet circumflex language. Comet circumflex sentences from previous documents in this series of documents may also be used.

In one way the poem is constrained due to the selection of sentences and colours. In another way the poem is wide in its scope as it may become translated into many languages. Yet sometimes a constraint can be a source of inspiration. For example, with the rhymes of a song, finding words which rhyme can suggest imagery. For example, the five, seven, five syllable structure of a haiku can produce an elegant result. So, will expression in poetry be possible with the comet circumflex language?

Poems do not need to be long. Anything from three to ten lines would be fine, though make a poem longer if you so choose.

Firstly some sentences which do not have a parameter.

comet circumflex code English localization
23711 It is spring.
23712 It is summer.
23713 It is autumn.
23714 It is winter.
23715 It is morning.
23716 It is afternoon.
23717 It is evening.
23718 It is night.
23811 A bird flies amongst the trees.
23812 Amongst the trees flies a bird.
23813 The sound of a flute.
23814 The sound of the wind through the trees.

Now some sentences which have one parameter.

comet circumflex code nature of parameter 1 English localization
23815 An integer representing a colour from the comet circumflex colour list. The leaves are P1.
23816 An integer representing a colour from the comet circumflex colour list. P1 is its colour.

As an experiment here are some sentences with two parameters, where each of the parameters is a colour.

comet circumflex code nature of both parameter 1 and parameter 2 English localization
23817 An integer representing a colour from the comet circumflex colour list. The leaves are P1 and P2.
23818 An integer representing a colour from the comet circumflex colour list. A sunset of P1 and P2.

Hopefully it will be possible for a poem written in comet circumflex language to contain more expressively than just the sum of its parts.

Naturally, the present collection of comet circumflex sentences is rather limited in what can be achieved, yet it can be interesting to try.

Readers who do try to write such a poem, or maybe two or three such poems so as to try to author a small portfolio where the poems are different one from another, might like to consider whether, say, a further fifty sentences added into the comet circumflex collection of sentences would make the possibilities for writing internationalized poetry which could be localized into many languages increase substantially.

What sentences would be needed?


The comet_circumflex system.

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