Some email links in relation to the comet circumflex system.

William Overington

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Saturday 2 November 2002

Here are some email links for the comet circumflex system.

As it happens, they all send emails to me. However, there are five links provided, to two different email addresses.

The first email address is for ordinary text messages.

The second email address is for messages encoded either wholly or in part using the comet circumflex system. A link to that email address is presented in four different ways, namely a comet circumflex as size 5 text, a comet circumflex as size 7 text, a comet circumflex and an envelope as a gif file illustration and a comet circumflex and an envelope as a gif file illustration with no border. Please note in particular that a comet circumflex is used for this purpose, not a comet circumflex key. That is, in the text form, the sequence U+2604 U+0302 is used. Thus in the text file the characters following the comet circumflex are not regarded as being within the comet circumflex universe, as the three character key is not present.

In view of the fact that font support is needed for the text versions to be displayed properly, it might well be that the c_cemail.gif file would be a better prospect for including on web pages.

As it happens, at present, I will need to localize any such encoded messages which arrive into English manually. However, I am hoping to be able to experiment with automated localization.

My thinking is that a web site which has illustrations of products could perhaps have a comet circumflex gif file leading to an email link as a way of indicating that the owner of the website is willing to accept emails written in comet circumflex code and to respond in comet circumflex code.

Thus, an enquiry such as

Is product ABC-127 available in green?

could be sent using a comet circumflex encoded email and understood and responded to, even if the enquirer and the merchant had no natural language in common between them.

The comet circumflex sentence to convey this meaning would have two parameters. The first parameter would just be passed through as a literal, the second parameter as usually as an index number to the comet circumflex list of colours. The second parameter could, if the indexed list were insufficient in its scope, be encoded as an Esperanto root word to mean a colour, though whether that word could be localized into the target language by a particular recipient would not be certain.

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