Some founts produced using
The Alphabet Synthesis Machine.

William Overington

Copyright 2002 William Overington

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is an interactive art work at on the web, created for Art21 and PBS by Golan Levin with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis.

There are available for free download from this present webspace a number of founts.

These founts, produced by William Overington using the Alphabet Synthesis Machine, are available for free download from this webspace by kind permission of Mr Golan Levin.

All of these founts contain abstract characters which can be accessed using the letters A to Z and a to z. Each fount also contains digits and punctuation, which are the same for every fount produced using The Alphabet Synthesis Machine.

The following founts have been used satisfactorily using the Paint program. They are also useful in PowerPoint.

ARTISTIC.TTF, Artistic colours and materials

An experimental attempt to produce a fount with a view to designating the symbols in it so as to produce a fount with symbols for representing artistic colours and materials by first producing the fount and the symbols, then devising the meanings, rather than the usual order of producing the fount after devising the symbols and the meanings. The file is about 31 kilobytes in size.

The symbol which is a letter a in the Artistic colours and materials fount could perhaps be used to denote the bronze material of sculptures, statues and art medallions.

PAINT_IN.TTF, Paint in blue upon vases

The Paint in blue upon vases fount is intended for producing blue motifs upon white vases. The file is about 31 kilobytes in size.

SONGS_AB.TTF, Songs about Landscape

The Songs about Landscape characters are useful to add language neutral text to a graphic depicting a pleasant landscape. This fount looks good in green, brown and other natural colours of a landscape. The file is about 31 kilobytes in size.

SWANS_FO.TTF, Swans for a tapestry

These swans look good in white upon a background. The file is about 25 kilobytes.

TREES_FO.TTF, Trees for vases

This is a fount intended to express the atmosphere of trees, some being blown in a wind, upon ceramic vases. The designs can look particularly good when the designs are used to produce the basic design for a graphic which is then coloured with green leaves at the top of the tree with various browns combined in the trunks. The lowercase letter e is particularly effective with dark green leaves. The file is about 31 kilobytes in size.

The following founts are designed to be best using WordArt in PowerPoint in order to produce designs. Please note, however, that it is best also to produce the same letter in a text box, so that the width of the WordArt object can be adjusted manually so as to give the correct aspect ratio by aligning one image on top of the other, then deleting the text box version. These graphics look good at very large sizes, hundreds of points high.

COBALT_G.TTF, Cobalt glass

A later fount than the Pools of glass in ceramic fount, the Cobalt glass fount was devised with the idea of it being used to produce designs for slabs of stone fired terracotta clay, with channels cut into the clay and filled with cobalt blue glass. The file is about 28 kilobytes in size.

PHOSPHOR.TTF, Phosphorescent galaxies

Graphics deliberately much wider than high, intended for use as art in broadcasting to widescreen televisions. The file is about 29 kilobytes in size.

POOLS_OF.TTF.ttf, Pools of glass in ceramic

The classic fount devised with the intention of it being used to produce designs in slabs of stone fired clay, perhaps terracotta clay, with pools of glass fired into channels cut into the clay. The file is about 35 kilobytes in size.

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Copyright 2002 William Overington

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