Some further Private Use Area code points for ligatures.

The following document, which is in German, contains some interesting illustrations of ligatures.

I have taken the opportunity to look through the collection of ligatures in those illustrations and to encode those which were not already encoded, either in regular Unicode or in previous documents in this series.

I have also looked at the document The Gutenberg Press from Walden Font.

I have used some of the characters found there, on page 14, to define U+E779 through to U+E77F. As it happens, I looked through the set of abbreviations and ligatures listed as being used by Gutenberg and found seven ligatures which were not previously encoded in either regular Unicode or in this series of documents. This fitted conveniently into a sequence of seven previously unused code points. I have not attempted to encode the abbreviations used by Gutenberg.

The attention of readers is drawn to the following regular Unicode character as that character is included in an illustration in the first document referenced above yet not previously mentioned in this series of documents.


Here are the code points. They may be used within any desired font that readers choose to use them in, yet readers are asked to note that these ligatures are here defined as a result of source material in a black letter Gothic fount, so they may not find much use in computer fonts that are for other than black letter Gothic.

U+E760 ba
U+E761 be
U+E762 bo
U+E763 da
U+E764 de
U+E765 do
U+E766 ha
U+E767 he
U+E768 ho
U+E769 pa
U+E76A pe
U+E76B po
U+E76C pp
U+E76D va
U+E76E ve
U+E76F vu

U+E777 qq
U+E778 qz
U+E779 bet
U+E77A cha
U+E77B che
U+E77C cho
U+E77D co
U+E77E ppe
U+E77F th

The following eight code point allocations are included as display variants of previously encoded items so that both variants may coexist in a document encoded in a plain text format and displayed with an ordinary TrueType font.

U+E7B0 long s with no descender
U+E7B1 long s long s with no descenders
U+E7B2 long s long s i with no descenders
U+E7B3 long s t with no descender
U+E7B4 a with an e as an accent
U+E7B5 e with an e as an accent
U+E7B6 o with an e as an accent
U+E7B7 u with an e as an accent

William Overington

20 July 2002


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