The pictures on this page were produced in March 2004 by William Overington as part of a learning experience of using the Serif ImpactPlus package.

The locomotive started as a 2-10-0 style design yet later was converted to a 2-10-2 design. The design needs some additions, such as a connecting rod from the cylinder to the centre large wheel.

Hopefully a scale model of the locomotive will be constructed sometime. Such a scale model would be based on the design in the pictures yet the plans for such a scale model would need to be produced so that the locomotive wheels have flanges and so that there is a connecting rod from the cylinder to the centre large wheel. The design came as a result of trying out the technique of alignment of objects in the three-dimensional scene environment of the ImpactPlus program and just gradually developed, it was not intended to be a precision locomotive design. However, some features such as the copper on the chimney, Swindon-style, as used for 92220 Evening Star would hopefully go through to a scale model for a model railway. The locomotive could be thought of as having three cylinders and inside valve gear.

The font used for the nameplate is Quest text. The font is available for download from the following web page.

This feature added to the web in October 2005.