Anyone well-read in the New-Age field may soon pick up and attune to this statement---in particular that everything is all right. But is it acceptable in its present form? Is everything really as it should be? There are countless pieces of information one could reference to contend this but all that is required is to remind one of the immense degree of suffering which occurs on this planet. How can New-Agers really believe that everything is as it should be; all is perfect; all is in Divine right, etc.?

The failing here is the lack of context. Channelling sources, and humans, are notorious for ignoring contexts---that is, not defining the context for us. This might be excused on the basis that at the higher viewpoint one could switch contexts without telling anyone and at that level it wouldn't be a problem because of telepathy.

Thus the statement that everything is all right must be taken in the context that it is a necessary expression at the time since no other probability has been chosen. The existing one is logical and fully based on the precise circumstances regarding information and energies. It is a correct 'computer evaluation'. We could be considered to be in an information system.

The solution to the paradox that everything is all right when it clearly isn't, is that the term all right is a variable. There is a scale of all right. There is a path from A to B giving the optimum all right but also many curved paths, even ones starting in the opposite directions. They all lead to B but we should aim at the direct route (in particular, for minimum suffering).

Thus the statement 'Everything is as it should be' doesn't and shouldn't mean one does not endeavour to produce changes for the better. If such a statement is being introduced without context then it has a negative source---to make people believe everything is fine and it is not necessary to do anything.