(November, 1998)

By Noel Huntley


The Lower-Self/Higher-Self Duality

Was Jesus Crucified?

New-Age Statement: Everything Is As It Should Be (?)

Is There Really Any Free Will?

It's Going To Happen But You Have To Try

A Problem With Reincarnation

We Create Our Reality--There Are No Accidents

Serving God, Or Serving Self?

There Is Basically No Evil

All Is Synchronicity?

The Paradox of Negativity

Note that we are not wasting time discussing these subjects on the basis of ancient and hackneyed philosophical arguments regarding free will, life, soul, etc. but from the New-Age point of view and requiring a high degree of familiarity with New-Age material. Thus the queries and answers given here will not make any sense if this familiarity is not present.

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