This is an example whereby the higher-self has determined something to be accomplished by the lower-self but the lower-self has to go through the motions of achieving it.

The energies of the higher-self and the lower-self are not on a one to one basis. What this means is that it can give rise to a higher-self control simultaneously with an ego control. What is the paradox here? Generally the higher-self will not fix on a single event or cause. It spans space and time; whole quantum states of information come into the 3rd dimension. This is a bit like passing through a town (higher-self control) but have free will not to go straight through down the main road. Two essential programs will exist in this quantum state, 1) a goal (with many probabilities), 2) a guidance program for the best route, say, from A to B. Thus there is an overall goal program to succeed but there are many paths to get there. These paths can be divided still further by taking negative paths (e.g., committing crimes) by splitting the energies creating dualities---see other articles.

What it means then is that the lower-self continues to persevere and ultimately all efforts will be weighted in favour of the higher purpose, and the lower-self will eventually be brought back on course no matter how far astray it goes. Thus there is free will within these large boundaries or higher dimensions.