At some point in one's acquisition of information one might have arrived at the conclusion that some events, incidents, are not accidental coincidences--that they are meaningful coincidences or synchronicities. Further study reveals that both negative and positive synchronicities occur and they are very frequent.

We have eventually been told in the New-Age field through channellings that there are no accidents and everything has a reason--in other words all is synchronous. From a scientific point of view this is initially very unappealing. How can we justify removing all chance or accident. We might accept that chance events are regularly interrupted with synchronicities. But for every detailed significant and insignificant event to be a synchronicity defies all common sense.

This all depends on one's framework. This civilisation has been programmed with a Newtonian reality, not a quantum physics reality.

Thus if we are to accept the insistence that all is synchronous we have to look at life and the universe in a completely different light--literally. If all is vibration of energy, which is basically light, which in turn is also information, then there is nothing but information.

If information, only (and always), is interacting with information, then there can only be synchronicities. We have to reverse our viewpoint and realise that we have taken for granted the notion of chance, and totally turned a blind eye to its illogical acceptance. Instead of perceiving synchronicity as infrequent or strange we could consider that any chance event is odd or even impossible.

Everything is already there in the information and thus there are always links between parts, and parts and the whole, and like frequencies will attract like frequencies.

Also we must remember that there are many probabilities and possibilities which can be chosen and we don't have to be victims of a single sequence dictated by information and synchronicities. However, in our lives we experience many negative synchronicities along with positive ones--or apparently neutral ones. By negative we mean not desirable. Nevertheless, even negative synchronicities occur to push the individual towards positive synchronicities. The duality mechanism described previously will ensure that ultimately the end result will be positive--no matter how long it takes--which of course implies an influence from some other level. Remember this is the third dimension of illusions and learning. It doesn't have to be this way (the apparent lack of free will) in a higher, evolved and more multidimensional state.