The paradoxes and most of the confusions arise because the human's mind and spiritual condition is dimensionally fragmented. The individual is composed of several parts--conscious mind, subconscious, unconscious, higher-self--which are not always operating in unison. An ET communicating to a human could find it quite confusing since they can read vibrations and perceive beyond the surface; they will seemingly observe a multiple personality.

It has been channelled that the Zetas when first contacting Earth "hit a brick wall" of understanding when discovering that the higher-self of the human had agreed to the "detention" but the lower-self disagreed with this "abduction". Note that this does not necessarily mean this detention/abduction was entirely positive, in particular, on the part of the ETs, but it would mean there was a lesson to be learned.

In general then the lower-self is simply not aware of what is going on with the other parts of self--certainly including creating one's reality. Let us consider three separate states to the total individual, say, conscious mind, a half-conscious condition or subconsciousness, and the higher-self. The higher-self view encompasses the views of the other two but the lower-self's conscious mind is only aware of itself. Nevertheless this lower-self aspect is capable of formatting energies (which are created by the higher-self). Generally the higher-self acts on a large scale beyond spacetime, and includes many probabilities, whereas the lower-self acts in a focussed condition and selects probabilities from the higher-self.

The lower-self may completely fail to perceive that its singular thoughts and actions are part of a bigger energy network, and that the path will lead to problems and suffering which the higher-self is forced to create even though it has provided continuous guidance to do otherwise. We might imagine the child-and-adult analogy for the lower- and higher-selves. The "child" is playing in the playroom. The higher-self (adult) determines the bigger or broader picture (in particular through programs prior to a life), such as playing in the room or then going outside on the swing. But the "child," say, deviates away from these programs and begins to swing too high, which is expressing a mind pattern in this manner (karma), and fails to heed the advice from the "adult" (to take another path).

The higher-self is compelled to create these conditions since it is the lower-self's life with agreed upon limitations: "veil of forgetfulness", etc. The higher-self cannot stop or interfere in the detailed decision of the "child" to swing higher and higher; it can only provide a general influence, with a sphere of freedom to enable the child to decide otherwise. The free will must be respected.

Thus we (as a whole) are knowingly providing the energies for what may be a negative condition brought about by the formatting process of the lower-self (which forces the energies to be applied in this way). The lower-self has to learn to correlate energy (from the higher-self) with its own formatting (thinking, acting).

Let's take the analogy from a slightly different view and attempt to put the matter in a nutshell--even though we know there are no successful analogies. We might imagine the adult with the child on a lead--ahead of the adult. This is similar to taking the dog for a walk. You control where you go but the dog, or the child/lower-self, has freedom within the length of the lead. The forward motion and space is essentially created by the adult but the child can choose which part of this space to select.

Now what about "there are no accidents". Initially one will merely apply this to major events and experiences of significance. But it appears there are no half measures. The first reaction is that it appears nonsensical that there are no accidents and that everything has a reason, since many "accidents" involve more than one person. The requirements for one person must match those of another's requirements. For example, if a person has a car accident then those who even merely witness this will be part of the event with their own reasons. If there is an aeroplane crash then each person has selected that flight to experience the crash. Some examples are immensely complex in terms of satisfactory explanations. In effect we are stating that everything is a synchronicity whether experienced as positive or negative. 

The physics would have to be extremely complex involving higher-dimensional holographic mechanics with infinite possibilities always available (see article The Theory of One). Only a physics which models wholeness--a simultaneous span of space and time with countless actions all taken into account at every instant--can handle this. It is the extent of the interrelationship, the undivided wholeness which is mind-boggling, that is, it means the undivided wholeness must come first. For nothing to be an accident it means that every molecule in our personal environment (each person's universe) is acting to express outwardly the internal condition of the individual! This is what is being indicated in the new thinking.