The Mermaid

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The Mermaid was built in 1861 but has been redecorated a few times since. This photo was taken from outside where I currently live - sadly there is no regular bus service from my home to the pub so I have to struggle against the elements to get there - it's a tough life.
And at Christmas there is Christmas Tree around which the locals sing carols - yes, really!
The Mermaid again - this time on 2nd March, 2005. The white building to the immediate left of the pub is the Old Post office - now a private residence. Between the pub and this house is Park Lane, the phone box is tucked away on that corner.
The Mermaid
Lacing is the term used to describe the foam left in the glass after a pint has been drunk - it's a sign of the quality of the beer and in my very limited experience (okay - that's a small fib) there is never any question about the quality of the beer in The Mermaid (and that should get me a free pint!)
Oyster Morris dancing outside The Mermaid in June, 2005
Morris at The Mermaid
Morris at The Mermaid
Morris again

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