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Bishopsbourne nestles in the Nailbourne valley some four miles from Canterbury. The village amenities are a lovely church, a forge, a postbox, a red telephone box and The Mermaid - a public house.

A note about the map: It's taken from Multimap, linked from the word Bishopsbourne above, and on the more detailed map they have missed the name off Station Hill and called it Crow Camp Road in error. Crow Camp Road starts above the railway bridge. The map is also vague about the location of the PH - look for the phone symbol, follow the small black line showing that the phone box is between two blocks, this is Park Lane. The Mermaid is on the lower right-hand corner of the upper block, i.e. it is on the left of The Street rather than across the river, behind the village hall as indicated here.
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To everyone who has mailed me - I'm terribly sorry but my old PC suddenly died and I lost the mails and email addresses. Please feel free to mail me again, I hope to find a local historian who can do the wonderful tales of life in Bishopsbourne justice.

General views around the village including the church and Bourne Terrace:
The Mermaid including the snow photos:
The Mermaid
Bishopsbourne Cricket Club in action, the supporters, the magnificent Charlton Park ground and a link to the 2005 fixture list:
Bishopsbourne's Spitfire. This article was researched and written by Mark Jopling, Historian, of Kingston


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  • Parking in Bishopsbourne can be troublesome on busy weekends when the glitterati come out to play. It's best to park somewhere between the pub and the village hall or on as far as the church rather than down past The Mermaid and in front of Bourne Cottages (that okay Jackie?)
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