Another list! - this time of books you may find interesting or useful (or both!). I've included links to if you want to search for these or other books.
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Title Author/Publisher Notes
HTML for Dummies Tittel & James/IDG Books Great for basics including design. Really gets down to the useful stuff and it's eay to understand. Some interesting URLs
A Brief History of the Future John Naughton/Weidenfeld & Nicolson General

T171 set book. Written by the author of T171 module 2. It covers the birth of the Internet in a an exceptionally 'easy to read' manner. This is a 'must read' in my opinion.

This link is to the recently released paperback version/

Tim Berners-Lee/Orion Business English computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee quietly laid the foundations for the World Wide Web (and consequently Hypertext) in 1980, created a prototype in 1990 and unleashed it to the public in 1991. Now overseeing his creation's growth, he tells the story of its growth and future development.

Hafner and Lyons/Pocket Books

Was a T171 set book (First version of T171). This one covers the birth of the ARPANET and it's growth into the Internet. A fascinating story but some people find this book a little dry.
Accidental Empires: How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make Their Millions, Battle Foreign Competition and Still Can't Get a Date

Robert X Cringley/Penguin Books

T171 set book. Cringley deals with the growth (and in some cases later collapse) of computer companies. From IBM deciding to build the first PC through Lotus, Compaq, Apple and Microsoft. Written in a chatty and informative way it hits all the key historical points quickly and well.