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This page leads to a number of pages aimed at offering advice on various HTML related topics. I also offer links to some excellent tutorials, most can be downloaded and used off-line.

HTML has been described as the language of the web. It is a simple and forgiving language to learn, the syntax is easy to pick up and basic pages can be designed and constructed in minutes. Hopefully these pages will help you to quickly grasp the basics and start writing your own HTML pages. This is a key requirement of T171 as most of the Tutor Marked Assessments are submitted as HTML documents.

Learn a little about frames, how to use them and some of the pitfalls. T171 does not require any knowledge of Frames but they are a subject which comes up frequently.

Tables are used to arrange text and images in a nonlinear manner. The page you are looking at now is assembled using tables and this link takes you to a documents Wendy Clark and I put together to show how tables can be used.


The subject of colours on web pages can be very fraught. Browsers can interpret colours differently. I've tried to put together a 'colour swatch' so that you can see a range of 'safe' colours. I also use this area to explain a little about how colour codes work.


There are lots of free HTML tutorials on the web. Here I've listed a few but if they don't cover what you need try a few searches and let me know if you find something you think I should include here. I've also bunged in some links just to show what's out there on the World Wide Web - including a couple about WWW and Internet history

Some interesting books, including the T171 course books, that cover the Internet and HTML. Links to

Some JavaScript to show a little of what it is capable of. JavaScript is used to do the clever things on web sites and here you can change background and text colours at the press of a button.

HTML Editors

There are any number of good, free HTML editors on the web - and also some slightly less useful ones. Here I'll try and sort the wheat from the chaff and give useful links.

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