Some HTML Editors


HTML editors come in all shapes, prices and sizes. At the lower end of the price range there are some excellent tools - at the higher end Word 2000 can be used to produce HTML but I strongly advise against using it. The code is bloated and clunky, Word also insists on putting images in separate folders - this can be a nightmare to debug and publish.

In addition to these you should keep an eye on the CDs mounted on magazine covers - there are usually a couple of editors each month. If you are new to HTML my advice is to try an few free editors until you find one you like and then stick with that one until you run out of features. Like many applications your first HTML Editor will be your favourite long after you've outgrown it and you'll keep coming back to it like a pair of old slippers!

Editor Status Comments
Arachnophilia Careware (Check the site for a definition of this) Not WYSIWYG but a great tool - consistantly gets rave reviews in the PC press and well worth trying.
Front Page Express Free You may already have this without knowing. It's a Microsoft product and is part of the Internet Exporer suite. Easy to get to grips with and a good WYSIWYG introduction to HTML.
HTMLGate 2000 Freeware Not for beginners but a great little application that includes some great JavaScript to copy and paste into your pages. You can always use that JavaScript anywhere so use it in your editor of choice.
Note Tab Light Freeware Not an HTML editor - It's a replacement for Notepad but also has a section for editing HTML and is very useful.
Hot Dog Pro 5 Available free Often featured on magazine CDs. This is a powerful and fun HTML editor - make sure you have sound turned on when you use it, it barks and whoops as you edit code!
Loads of them Free/Shaware This link goes to a page with lots of freeware and shareware HTML editors including Hot Dog Pro, !st page 2000, Arachnophilia and lots more.
Netscape Composer Free Part of the Netscape suite - a nice editor, great for beginners.