what octopus does :-

Makes you smile through all this IT

octopus Makes it Fun.

Octopus maintains an interesting and informative web site where you'll find excellent educational software programs as well as many kinds of interesting and FUN CD ROM's for all the family.
As Octopus develops this website more links to other relevant sites will be listed and linked in order to keep you well informed not only educationally but also socially.

You'll find other interesting things on the Octopus site too, such as butterflies .... and art work pictures just for fun ...

what we do :-

Help develop 'Octopus ICT Educational Fun for Pre-schools & Play Groups'
'Octopus ICT Fun for Pre-schools & Play Groups takes computers to pre-schools, play groups and nurseries in the UK so that children in these groups can have the equal opportunity to use a computer and operate exciting and Fun educational software programs. Further information

endorse today's educational concepts and social policy for equal opportunity - and endeavour to develop Octopus's long term policy, which is to offer and encourage equal opportunites for computer experience / fun to ALL pre-schools, play groups, special needs and socially deprived groups et.al.

For companies, sponsors or persons interested in helping to develop, or working alongside, Octopus ICT on the wider basis please contact us on

 0115 9565328 or by email.



  • We offer advice to parents (teachers when appropriate) regarding which hardware and software programs would be educational for their children and family. This is proving very helpful to many parents / teachers just starting out with their first computers and educational software as well as those who are further along the educational computer learning curve.


  • Many products represented on this site are excellent for overseas / living abroad, parents / children / teachers / educators, who want top quality English / UK based (and National Curriculum ) educational products as well as quality edutainment and games programs.


We are IT (ICT) consultants for the PLA
Pre-School Learning Alliance.

We are also listed on the
  Learning Resource Index
 of the NGfLwhich is moderated by Becta






If you are a publisher and you would like your products reviewing for listing please email us with full information and we'll go from there.

Or if you think something is missing on the site that should be here send an email and we'll review it.


To help us help you -
when sending email please include contact name and telephone number.



We are constantly reviewing and listing new products so why not bookmark this site now.



Octopus lives in our computer. He thinks he's a great big search engine really. He's constantly sifting through products and companies to find interesting and often unusual EDUCATIONAL, LEISURE and FUN programs for you to run on your home computer. He does this to save you lots of frustration and time - and your mum and dad money on your open Internet connection!
Octo says he just loves his job. We think he's a bit moody though because every now and then he stops work- completely! That's usually when it's time to switch off our computer and let him get some sleep.

octopus says have Fun every day


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