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7 to 15

 Adi also takes you onto the Internet where learning and FUN goes on forever, so get ready to travel into CYBERSPACE

Adi English and Maths is more than a revision program or a collection of exercises. Developed by educationalists and psychologists, it introduces a method of learning that encourages children of all ages to learn, revise and improve their skills over a year long period.

For each of the 8 school years there are 2000 English and 2000 Maths questions, as well as animated lessons, detailed help zones and hypertext links to relevant topics.

Adi is the most up-to-date children's software program and is guaranteed to be relevant and appropriate long into the future, keeping pace with the fast world of technological advances.

There is a level for all ages so when ordering Adi just select the right age level for you.


Adi Year 3 Ages 7-8

Adi Year 4 Ages 8-9

Adi Year 5 Ages 9-10

Adi Year 6 Ages 10-11

Adi Year 7 Ages 11-12

Adi Year 8 Ages 12-13

Adi Year 9 Ages 13-14

Adi Year 10 Ages 14-15


 Ages 7-8


Spelling - consonants, vowels, letter strings, beginnings and endings, rhyming words

Reading - fiction, comprehension, information sources, reading for clues, skim and scan

Writing - sentences, punctuation sequencing, vocabulary, conjunctions

Speaking and Listening - different audiences, what did they say?, stories and poems

Language Study - grammar, homophones and homonyms, comparisons, similar or opposite


Numbers - read and write 1-1000, ordering, place value, pattern in numbers, colour and shape, fractions

Computation - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, application

Measuring - length, height, capacity, mass money, time calendar

Data Handling - graphs, charts, tables and lists, probability

Shape and Space - plane shapes, solid shapes, symmetry, directions, co-ordinates

 Ages 8-9


Spelling - the alphabet, sound blends, word structures, spelling

Reading - finding information, time and order, reading texts, facts and fiction, reading and comprehension

Writing - nouns, pronunciation, writing for reasons

Speaking and Listening - question and answer, who sad that?, listening audience


Numbers and Algebra - read and write 4 digit numbers, place value, pattern and approximation, pattern in colour and shape, fractions, algebra

Application - additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple fractions, simple decimals

Measuring - length, height and weight, capacity and volume, money, time temperature

Data Handling - graphs, charts, tables and lists, probability

Shape and Space - shape, solid shapes, perimeter and area, symmetry, co-ordinates

 Ages 9-10


Spelling - sound blends, word structure, spelling

Reading - fiction, non-fiction, fact or fiction, using a dictionary, reference, research

Writing - sentences, punctuation, written correspondence, writing for different purposes, sequencing, tenses

Speaking and Listening - appropriate language, comprehension, poetry and prose

Language Study - grammar, understanding, words, vocabulary



Numbers- fractions, writing, decimals, approximation, place value, multiples, factors, square

Calculation - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratio and proportion, percentages

Measuring - length, capacity, weight, time and temperature, perimeter and area

Data Handling - patterns, statistics, probability and logic

Shape and Space - lines, shapes, solids, symmetry

 Ages 10-11


Spelling - sounds and spelling, rhymes and homophones, word structure, grammatical spelling changes

Reading - factual reading, comprehension, story telling, reading, dictionary

Writing - nouns, adjectives, word and sentence structure, sentence building, punctuation, apostrophe, reasons to write

Speaking and Listening - vocabulary, proverbs, expressions and idioms, audience

Language Study - tenses, jobs and work, vocabulary


Numbers - whole numbers, negative numbers, decimals, fractions, ratio, percentages

Algebra - number patterns, exponents, factors, equations

Measures - length, distance, speed, volume, weight and capacity, temperature and time, perimeter and area

Data Handling - classifying and recording data, using charts and tables, mean, median, mode and range, probability

Shape and Space - plain shapes, lines and angles, solid shapes, co-ordinates, transformations

 Ages 11-12


Grammar- verbs, nouns, parts of speech, parts of sentences, sentences

Listening - comprehensions, dialogue, dialects and accents, origins of words

Reading - comprehension, different styles, poetry, introduction to classical literature

Writing - spelling, punctuation, forms of writing, constructing a story, letter writing

Study Skills - reference material, finding and using information


Numbers - whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, factors

Algebra - sequences, problems

Shape and Space - two dimensional and solid shapes, slides and angles, perimeter and area, symmetry, co-ordinates

Measures - volume, capacity, weight, length and distance, temperature and time

Handling Data - graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, mode, median, mean, probability

 Ages 12-13


Reading - literacy language, comprehension, poetry, assessing information, story analysis, getting to know Shakespeare

Writing - spelling, creating atmosphere, punctuation and vocabulary

Listening and Speaking - selecting information, organising speech, understanding speech

Grammar - verbs, nouns and pronouns, clauses and phrases, parts of speech, sentences, sentence form

Study Skills - reference materials, extracting and sorting information, word games


Numbers - whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio factors and powers
Algebra - missing numbers, sets, networks and decision trees

Shape and Space - perimeter and area, sides and angles, circles plane and solid shapes, symmetry, co-ordinates and bearings

Measures - length and distance, volume capacity and mass, temperature and time

Data Handling - graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, mode, median, mean, probability

 Ages 13-14


Grammar - Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, sentence structure, clauses and phrases

Reading - Assessing information, figures of speech, poetry, looking at narrative, Shakespeare's plays

Writing - techniques, factual writing, creativity writing, spelling, punctuation

Language Study - evolving language, word study and spelling



Numbers - positive and negative numbers, decimals, fractions, multiples, factors, indices and roots

Using Numbers - decimals and whole numbers, number patterns

Algebra - letters for numbers, equations, formulae, functions, graphs

Data Handling - classifying data, charts, tables, basic statistics, probability

Shape and Measure - estimating and measuring, perimeters, areas and volumes, shape and space, symmetry and transformations

 Ages 14-15


Grammar - all except the verb, verbs, sentences

Reading - reading for information, reading between the lines, literature

Writing - techniques for non-fiction, establishing the context, narrative, punctuating your work

Language Study - evolving language, word study and spelling

Speaking and Listening - establishing the context, listening for information, listening between the lines



Numbers - the basics, writing numbers, finance, indices, sets

Algebra - basic algebra, equations I, equations II

Measures - measurement, time distance, speed, bid to small, area and volume

Space and Shape - angles and straight liners, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals and polygons, symmetry and transformation, trigonometry

Data Handling - representing data, graphs, statistics and probability



This is an absolute MUST HAVE for all ages.

State of the Art Technology.

Real cool Adi.


Once you meet Adi you'll just love him.
He becomes a member of the family - and if you don't see him everyday believe me you really miss him. With a friend like Adi to help you learn and have lots of fun at the same time this program makes education an absolute breeze.