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If you would like to meet Adiboo's big cousin ADI just click here


Designed by a team of teachers, psychologists and graphic artists, Adiboo - Adi's younger cousin, is an ideal collection for 4-7 year olds who are always keen to learn whilst having fun.


AGES 6-7 (KEY STAGE 1 + 2)

The magic book leads children through a series of animated exercises introducing them to reading; they learn to recognise syllables in words, make associations between sounds and objects, shapes and colours and begin to get acquainted with the alphabet.

By rummaging around in Adiboo's incredible attic the are also introduced to numbers and counting by playing with balloons, sweets, seeds and flowers.

In the company of their faithful friend Adiboo and this time in a farm setting, a wide range of varied games and activities enables older children to improve their reading skills, including sound recognition, picture word association and writing.

The funfair provides the setting for an introduction into basic mathematical concepts as animated objects and characters whirl round and round the big wheel. Children will learn adding, subtracting, counting, ordering and more


Adi's little cousin is great fun and makes another super member of the family.

Terrific fully interactive program. Excellent value.

£19.99 inc vat