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Dinsaur Story


Octopus Goes Visiting.

Sometimes he takes spider along too!


When we're all tucked up in bed Octopus often goes out to visit friends. Last night he went to China to see a little boy. The little boys name is Ching Huan Hong - can you say that? He was sitting at his computer when up popped Octo.
"Hello," said Octo.
The boy was surprised to see him but he wasn't scared.
"Who are you?" asked Ching.

Octo replied in fluent Chinese. He speaks most languages and those he doesn't know he makes up as he goes along. Kids all over the world usually understand him; they all end up laughing anyway.

"I'm Octo the magic octopus," he replied.

"Magic octopus?" Questioned Ching incredulously. "You look more like a dragon to me!"

"No! Not a dragon. An octopus!" he replied huffily.

Ching giggled. "What magic do you do then?" he asked when he stopped giggling.

"I find things," Octo said as he wiggled all over Ching's computer screen lifting up words and pictures and looking underneath each one.

"Find things! What kind of things?"

"I find programs. You know, software programs for you to play on your computer."

"Why are they lost?" asked Ching thoughtfully.

"Difficult to find. So many things, so many programs, so much information," Octo answered as he lifted up the letter H on Ching's name.

"So what sort of programs do you find then?" Ching asked settling comfortably in front of his screen with his new found friend.

"Oh you know .... depends what people want. Sometimes I find animals and sometimes I find flowers, sometimes it could be a football or tennis game." Then Octopus stopped what he was doing for a moment and looked up directly at Ching. "Haven't you ever seen my web site?"

"No" Ching replied, "I haven't."

Aah well," Octopus sighed, " if you had you would know what kind of things I find"

"Anyway," Ching said firmly, "I can find things too and I'm not magic."

Octo dropped the letter H. It fell back into place with a bang. He wiggled and stretched until he filled Ching's entire computer screen. Then he peered forward as if he was about to come out of the screen. He peered closely at Ching. Ching was startled at this and jumped back from his computer screen. This then startled Octo so at the same time he jumped back into the monitor until he was far far away in the background and very tiny.

"Don't jump so you make me nervous," a little voice said. "I'm a friendly Octopus you know....!"

"Sorry," said Ching as he resettled himself in his chair.

Slowly Octo got bigger again but this time though he didn't fill Ching's entire screen.
Now where were we? Oh yes, MAGIC. Okay here's a test for you. See if you can find me a computer program with me in it. That would be a good finder of things wouldn't it?"

"I guess so. Sounds easy."

"Okay, then whoever finds it first is magic. I'll give you until tomorrow night okay?"

Ching agreed. Octo said goodnight in Chinese and then in English and as quick as he appeared he disappeared.

All the next day Ching searched on the Internet for a program containing Octopus. He found lots and lots of web sites and followed links from one company to another and on and on until his mum told him to switch off his computer. But he couldn't find a program with Octo in it.
That night Octo came back, Ching looked sad, defeated.

"Bet you've looked everywhere haven't you?" Questioned Octo leaning his head to one side.

"Yes," Ching replied quietly.

"If I find it for you will you agree I'm magic?" Octo asked tentatively.

Ching began to smile. "Yes," he replied.

Octo blinked and smiled back at Ching. "Okay, press on my tail."

Ching did as Octo suggested and as soon as he did Octo disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. Ching thought Octo had blown up his computer but then something began to happen. He heard music and a program began to play. Suddenly there on the screen was Octo!

Octo was sitting on the great wall of China cavorting backwards and forwards and up and down. Hundreds of people were watching him and laughing so much they looked like they were in danger of falling off the wall. Octo danced, juggled fire sticks, swivelled plates on sticks, made rabbits appear from nowhere and doves fly in the air. He conjured up small dragons who blew green smoke out through their nostrils. Even the smoke was magic because it turned into words and spelled out Ching's name. He conjured up beautiful dancing horses that did the waltz and the rhumba until finally they fox-trotted down the wall of China and galloped away into the horizon. Then Octo did somersaults in mid air, sometimes as many as five, twirling and twisting before he landed back on his feet.

Throughout this display Ching's eyes got bigger. He was totally amazed and like the people on the Great Wall of China he too began to laugh at Octo's performance.


"Told you so," It was Octo, he reappeared in an instant but without a puff of smoke this time. "Told you so didn't I?"

"Yes, yes alright you win," Ching laughed. "Now can we get back to watching this program on the Great Wall of China?"

"Sure." Octo said settling himself down in a straight line at the bottom of Ching's computer screen with just his head peering up to look at what was on the screen.

"Keep your head down a bit more please," Ching said.

"Oops ... sorry," said Octo as he popped down a bit more until only two eyes were peering up from the left hand side of Ching's monitor.

Soon Ching and Octo were laughing so much that Ching had to lower the volume on his computer speakers in case his mother heard and came in to see what was going off.
"You can click on things on the screen if you want." Octopus said.

Ching ran the mouse pointer across the screen and clicked on the Great Wall of China. It began to rise higher and higher. Next he clicked on a dragon and fire roared across the screen making both Ching and Octo jump back. When the fire died down Ching clicked on the Great Wall of China again. This time huge gates opened leading them through into a great magical wonderous city.







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