Living Room are James Wood, guitar and Steve Lewis, percussion and voice. We make environmental music and instant song, an approach to improvising that combines an emphasis on melody and rhythm with a highly responsive sense of place.

We make songs, sometimes without even singing, always songs we'll never play again.

We respond to the sights, sounds, smells, spirits and flavours of the particular place we're playing in.

Our music is quiet, intimate, immensely involving and invented in the moment, right there in front of you.



We're extremely compact and completely acoustic so we can fit into any space

We tailor our work to fit the unique characteristics of your home.

We will perform in your home just for you or for an audience you've invited on any pretext - a dinner party, a birthday treat, a soiree, a whim or just a night in without the tv!!

Bring the unique and astonishing music of Living Room into your living room and make some living room in your life today.



The Living Room residency is designed to upside down turn notions about what music is, how it is made and where you might find it. Our hope is everyone involved will emerge from it thoroughly entertained, enthused by a new sense of connection with our habitat and our creative juices spritzed up.

From June to December 2000 Living Room are Y.O.T.A. Improvisers in Residence in Lancaster and District through N.W.Arts and Lancashire County Council funding


Watch out for other Living Room residency activities including special gigs in the outdoor 'living room' we all inhabit, exhibitions of music, polaroids and writings from the events. If you would like to see a Living Room event click here or here to view a movie.

To receive our newsletter, more information or details of how to register or get involved in the Living Room residency contact Steve Lewis or James Wood on

00 44 (0)1524 35193/65198