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The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Newsletter is the successor to Ghosts & Scholars magazine. It is devoted to the subject of M.R. James and those among his circle of friends, correspondents and associates who also wrote supernatural tales (i.e. E.G. Swain, R.H. Malden, Christopher Woodforde, Arthur Gray, Augustus Jessopp, Shane Leslie, A.P. Baker, Hugh Walpole, Arthur Reed Ropes, H.F.W. Tatham, Mary Butts, J. Meade Falkner, "B", "D.N.J.", and the Benson brothers, A.C., E.F., and R.H.) . In addition, it covers the odd mythological, folkloric, ecclesiological, demonological and angelological by-ways that MRJ explored from time to time in his non-fiction. The Newsletter does not publish new stories (or poetry), nor does it cover the wider field of fiction 'in the M.R. James tradition' by more recent writers.

Articles, up to a maximum of 8000 words, are welcome on interesting facets of M.R. James's life, his stories, settings, and other writings, etc., and those of his associates. Also queries and shorter articles (up to 1500 words), for the regular "Jamesian Notes & Queries" section. New research and scholarship, and controversial and original theories, are particularly sought. To avoid duplication, article ideas should preferably be discussed with the editors first. No article will ever be rejected because the editors disagree with it, but it will be rejected if its scholarship or arguments are poor, or if it goes over old ground without any fresh insights. The Newsletter gives equal weight to serious scholarship and lighter opinion pieces: in the latter category, for instance, is an on-going series of short articles either criticising popular stories by James, etc., or defending unpopular ones. Another series for which contributions are encouraged is "The Jamesian Traveller", in which the real locations of James's stories are visited and described.

The review section covers new and reprint books, etc., by and about M.R. James and his circle. Most reviews are solicited, but unsolicited reviews will be considered if they are discussed with the editor first. Up to a maximum of 1200 words.

Letters and e-mails for the lettercolumn and Artwork illustrating M.R. James's stories, or those of any of the other authors mentioned above, are also welcome. Unless previously agreed with the editor, artwork should be a maximum of half-A4 (approx 6" by 8.25") including margin (ideally landscape format), and should be in black ink with no half-tones.

Payment & Rights
Payment is in copies only. Contributors of full-length articles and artwork receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears. Contributors of reviews, "Jamesian Notes & Queries" articles and published letters of substantial length receive one copy. All rights are retained by the authors and artists.

Submissions need not be double-spaced, but should always be accompanied by a stamped addressed envelope (overseas submissions should include International Reply Coupons or US $s cash to the appropriate value instead). Submissions by e-mail are also acceptable.

The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Newsletter is published at least twice a year. For price and subscription details, go to the Current and Forthcoming Publications page. Selections from each issue of the Newsletter are also available, a few weeks after the hard-copy publication, on the Ghosts & Scholars web site (via a link on the "Jamesian News" page).

Write to: Rosemary Pardoe (editor), 36 Hamilton Street, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3JQ, England. E-mail: <>.

Potential contributors are strongly recommended to read the FAQs.

Last altered: February 11, 2006.

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