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(March 29, 2012) The Ghosts & Scholars Newsletter competition for prequels and sequels to M.R. James's stories has been a huge success, with nearly four times as many entries as for any of my previous competions. The winning entry, Christopher Harman's "Quis est Iste?" is in the new Newsletter 21 (just out), but I also have enough very good and varied stories to fill the Sarob Press book which I previously mentioned here as a possibility. The list of contents can be found on Robert Morgan's Sarob Press blog so I won't give it here, but I will say that the volume will be entitled The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows, it'll be out in the Autumn and it'll contain twelve stories inspired by eleven of MRJ's tales. Christopher Harman's winning story is - dare I say it? - better, bleaker and more nightmarish than the MRJ original that inspired it. I'm also planning a special booklet for the Autumn which will tie in with the book and will be the first booklet of all-new fiction produced by the Haunted Library for many years. Ex Libris: Lufford by Daniel McGachey will contain two lengthy stories, with extra material, and will be included automatically on Newsletter subscriptions, but will also be available to buy separately.


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