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ABBOTT, JOHN: Plasterworker.
*Frithelstock (Devon). Dated "1677". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1676 record a payment of £13.06.08 to John Abbott for the King's Arms and other work in the church.
*Milton Damerel (Devon). Dated "1664". Abbott's Patternbook in the Devon Record Office (Exeter) includes a design for the Milton Damerel arms, dated 1662.

Abbott (1639-1727) of Culleigh was one of a family of plasterworkers. He also executed the ceiling in Exeter Custom House among other things. See Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association 89 (1957), pp.136-40; and "The Frithelstock Book" by Cecil and Kathleen French, The Countryman, 53 No.4 (Winter 1956), pp.652-71. See also under MICHAEL CHUKE.

*Warwick, St Mary (Warwks). A Benefactions Board in the church records that in "1714. Robert Abbott, of London, Painter, a Native of this Borough, gave the Queen's Arms".

ABEL, JOHN: Woodcarver.
*Abbey Dore (Herefs). The screen here, including the fine Royal Arms, was made by Abel in 1635 when the church was refurnished.

Abel (d.1674, aged 97) received the title "King's Carpenter". For further information see Pevsner, The Buildings of England: Herefordshire (1963), pp.50-51.

ADAMS, JOHN: Painter.
Headcorn (Kent). Dated "1808". Signed.
Teston (Kent). Dated "1811". Signed.

ADDINELL, I.: Painter.
*Misterton (Notts). Dated "1721". Signed, "I. Addinell of Doncaster Painter".

Kirkby Lonsdale (Lancs). In 1704 James Addison, painter of Hornby, contracted for £30 to decorate the church, including "to make anew the King's arms and Ten Commandments and to do them so well as they shall not peel or fail for the space of twenty years next after coming". (Lancs and Ches Antiq. Soc. Transactions 25, 1907, p.189).

AKED, JOHN: Woodcarver.
+Elland (Yorks). Aked received 14s in 1725 for work done to the King's Arms. This would be alteration or renovation of an earlier Coat of Arms.
*Halifax (Yorks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1705 record a part payment of £16.15.00 to John Aked for the Queen's Arms. In fact he made two matching Coats both of which still exist.

Aked also made the Ten Commandments in Elland church in 1717. His son (?) Joseph Aked was paid £1.06.07 in 1728 at Elland probably for work on the Royal Arms.

+Wing (Bucks). The Parish Accounts for 1660 mention a payment of 15s to Allen for the Royal Arms.

ALLEN, MR., SR.: Plasterworker. Possibly the same as the previous entry.
*Market Harborough (Leics). In 1660 a massive £30 was paid to Allen Sr of Northampton for the Royal Arms. Presumably other work in the church was included in the price.

+Hargrave (Northants). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1731 record a payment of £3.10.00 to Mr Allen for the King's Arms.

Possibly the son of ALLEN, SR.: though a "Thomas Allen, painter" died intestate in 1738 in Cambridge, All Saints Parish (his administration bond is in Ely Archdeaconry Probate Records).

ALLEN, LEWIS: Woodcarver.
*Portsmouth Cathedral (Hants). Dating from 1694.

Lewis Allen was Master Carver at Portsmouth Dockyard.

ALLPORT...: Painter.
*Maxstoke (Warwks). Dated "1774". Signed, "Allport. Pinxit. Birminghm". A repainting only.

Allport was probably John Allport of Church Street, Birmingham (d.1798, aged 82). He was a well known loca1 sign painter: in 1757 he advertised in Aris's Gazette (August 1st) "House painting, sign painting, landskips... likewise pictures of all sorts, as Fruit-pieces, Ruins, &c., and Pictures mended in the neatest manner". For further information see "Royal Arms in Warwickshire Churches" by Paul Morgan, Birmingham and Midland Arch. Soc. Transactions, 71 (1953), p.47.

ARMSTRONG, H.: Painter.
Sutton Montis (Somerset). Dated "May 2nd. 1805". Signed, "H. Armstrong, pinxit, N. Cadbury".

+Chelmsford (Essex). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1628 record a payment of £2.13.00 to Arther for "the Kings Armes and Peramedes and Tasserts".


BAGNALL...: Painter.
Loughborough (Leics). Bagnall repainted the King's Arms here in 1775.

BAILEY...: Painter of Hythe.
Saltwood (Kent). Dating from 1834. Signed.

Derby Cathedral (Derbys). Bakewell made the screen here, including the Royal Arms, circa 1725-50. He was paid £338.10.00.
Staunton Harold (Leics). Bakewell made the screen including Royal Arms, circa 1711.

Bakewel1 also made the font cover at Derby, St Werburgh.

+Metfield (Suffolk). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1715 record a payment of £8.00.00 to "Lionel Baldrey of fframlingham for new painting The Kings Armes drawing ye Ten Commandments and ye Lord's Prayer and the Beliefe and ye frames and setting them up".

Gateshead (Durham). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1792 record a payment of £16.15.04 to William Balls for the Royal Arms.

Whitegate (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record £3.10.06 paid to Bankes.

+Trevethin (Monmouthshire). The Parish Register for 1774 records a payment of £6.06.00 for "drawing his Majesty's Coat of Arms".

Barker was employed as a decorator of japanware at Pontypool at the time. He was the father of the distinguished Thomas Barker of Bath.

*Wisbech (Cambs). The Corporation Record of 27th May, 1605, records that "it was agreed that Robert Barkstone shalbe forthwh paid fower pound ...for the emblazoning and furnishing the Kings maty arms in the Prsh church of Wisbeche".

BARLOW, T.: Painter.
*Creed (Cornwall). Signed "T. Barlow Painter Truro". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1829 record a payment of £5.05.00 for the arms.

*Hampton Gay (Oxon). Dating from the reign of George V. A carved wooden achievement inscribed "Carved by Alfred A. Miller. Coloured by Mrs Stanley Barry".

*Cotleigh (Devon). Dated "1977". Signed with initials "B.P.B.".
*Offwell (Devon). Dated "1974". Signed with initials.
*Widworthy (Devon). Barton restored the 1816-37 arms here.

BEAULAH, G.K., LTD: Heraldic painters.
*Hull, Holy Trinity (Yorks). Dating from 1963. A carved and painted achievement of which G.K. Beaulah Ltd did the painting only. The Arms were designed by FRANCIS JOHNSON and carved by CLIFFORD LONGLEY.

BELL, M.C. FARRAR (of CLAYTON & BELL). Painter, etc.
*Haddenham (Bucks). Dating from 1953. Signed with a punning device consisting of the initials "M", "F", and a bell.
*Chearsley (Bucks), Hessett (Suffolk). He also restored the Royal Arms here.

*Bradfield (Yorks). Dated "1805". Signed.

BIRKET, 'POOR': Painter.
*Arncliffe (Yorks). Dated"1797". Signed.

BISHOP...: Painter, of Tenterden.
Benenden (Kent). Dated "1806". Signed.
Stone-in-Oxney (Kent). Dated "1814". Signed.

BL..., JOHN: Painter.
*St Erme (Cornwall). Dated "1821". Signed, but mostly indecipherable.

+Shelford (Notts). Dating from 1717. Described and attributed to Blint by Mathew Barker, writing in 1835.

BLOSS, L.: Painter.
Bircham Newton (Norfolk). Dated "Aug. 1788". Signed "Painted by L. Bloss at Hunstanton Hall".

BOULTBEE...: Painter.
Osgarthorpe (Leics). Dating from about 1800. Also the arms of the Earl of Huntingdon in the church.

Presumably the Leicestershire-born artist, John Boultbee (1742-1812), or his brother, Thomas. Both were noted for their paintings of horses and cattle, and landscapes. See Lieut. Colonel J.C. Wood, A Dictionary of British Animal Painters (1973), p.16.

BOWEN, JAMES: Painter.
*Wroxeter (Salop). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1765 record a payment of £18.09.00 to Bowen for the King's Arms and altarpiece.

BOYNTON, E.: Painter.
*Flempton (Suffolk). Dated "1763". Signed "E. Boynton, Painter, Bury".

+Cogenhoe (Northants). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1807 record a payment to Mr Bream of £4.10.00 for the Royal Arms and Commandments.

BROWN, J.R.: Painter, of York.
*Wheldrake (Yorks). Dated "1779". Possibly also the very similar set at *York, All Saints.

Teffont Evias (Wilts). Dating from the heraldic period 1816-37. Signed "J. Bubb, Sculpt".

Bubb (1782-1853) produced statues, busts, monuments and reliefs in stone and terracotta. Another of his Royal Arms, signed "J.G. Bubb Grafton St East", can be seen in the Museum of London. He also worked for ELEANOR COADE and in association with JOHN CHARLES ROSSI. See his entry in Rupert Gunnis' Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660-1851, pp.66-8.

B(?)ULLARD, L.: Painter.
*Whaplode (Lincs). Dated "1773". Signed.

BURGAIT, J.: Painter.
*Orby in the Marsh (Lincs). Heraldic period 1714-1801, believed to date from 1781. Signed.

BURLEY, MR: Painter.
*Shrewsbury, Holy Cross (Salop). Dated "1736". The Churchwardens' Accounts for that year record a payment of £9.00.00 to Mr Burley for the Arms.


CARRICK, R.: Painter.
*Whitbeck (Cumberland). Seems to be dated (though hard to see) "1687". Signed "R. Carrick Painter Wigton".

*Colva (Radnorshire). Dated "1733". Signed "J. Cartwright de Abaredow (Aberedw) pinxit".

CARTWRIGHT, W.: Painter.
Kessingland (Suffolk). Dated "1741". Signed.

CASTELYNG...: Painter.
+Paglesham (Essex). A Church Inventory of 1552 records a payment to "Castelyng of Rayleth (Rayleigh) for payntyng the Kyng's Armes" and writing the scriptures in the church.

CAVE, MR: Painter.
Winchester, St John the Baptist (Hants). According to the Churchwardens' Accounts, Mr Cave was paid £2.14.6 for painting the "Kings Armes, Doors, Shutters and Rails", on September 15, 1773.

CHAMBERLAIN AND COMPANY: Encaustic tile makers.
*Malvern Priory (Worcs). Tile depicting the Arms of Prince Albert. Illustrated on page 11 of Church Tiles of the Nineteenth Century by Kenneth Beaulah (1987).

Chamberlain & Co of Worcester made encaustic tiles for churches from 1836 to 1848. The firm was founded in 1786. (See Beaulah, p.9, etc.). Chamberlain & Co, or Maw & Co who bought Chamberlain's designs and stock in 1850, almost certainly also made the arms of Queen Victoria on arrangements of four tiles in the churches at Little Torrington (Devon), West Buckland (Devon) and Thurgarton Priory (Notts).

+Pitsford (Northants). The Churchwardens' Accounts for September 11th, 1809, record a payment to Mr Cherry of £5.10.00 for the King's Arms and £11.00.00 for the Commandments. Presumably Cherry was based in Northampton, for a further 5 shillings was paid for fetching the Arms and Commandments from that city.

CHUKE, MICHAEL: Woodcarver and sculptor.
Stowe House Chapel (Bucks). Chuke made the reredos (including Royal Arms), organ-screen and pulpit here in 1707. They were originally made for Grenville (House), Stowe (Cornwall) and moved when that house was pulled down in 1739.

Chuke (1679-1742) of Kilkhampton made a number of monuments, including one to his father in Kilkhampton churchyard. See his entry in Gunnis, p.101. However, Gunnis' statement that the Royal Arms in the churches at Kilkhampton, Marhamchurch, Launcells and Stratton are by Chuke should be taken with a pinch of salt as they all date from the reign of Charles II, and Chuke was scarcely more than a toddler when the King died. For a complete list of the Royal Arms belonging to this West Country plasterwork group, see Rosemary Pardoe's Royal Arms in the Churches of Cornwall (1982), p.14. JOHN ABBOTT has also (with a little more justification) been claimed as the artist, but the two achievements at Frithelstock and Milton Damerel, which he is known to have made, are sufficiently different to the rest to make this identification doubtful.

CLAYTON & BELL: Stained glass manufacturers, etc.
*Kings Langley (Herts). A Royal shield in glass commemorating the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 is by Clayton & Bell.

See also M.C. FARRAR BELL.

*Lymington (Hants). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1716 record a payment of £1.10.07 for alterations to an existing Royal Arms.

*Firsby (Lincs). Dated "1736". Signed "Wm I-am Clough".

COADE, ELEANOR: Artificial stone manufacturer.
*Pusey (Berks). Signed "Coade & Sealy: London: 180(8?)".
*Hartwell (Bucks). (The church is now redundant and the arms are placed in the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe). Understood to be of Coade stone. The arms date from some time prior to 1801.
*Madingley (Cambs). Signed "Coade & Sealy: Lambeth: 1802".
*Edenham (Lincs). Signed "Coade: London: 1820".
Christchurch Spitalfields, London. In 1822 William Croggan of "Coade's Ornamental Stone and Scagliola Works" supplied the Royal Arms at a cost of £66.14.00.
*Tong (Salop). Signed "Coade: London: 1813".
Hinton St George (Somerset). Signed "Coade & Sea1y: London: 1812".
Petworth (Sussex). Signed "Coade & Sealy: (...?): 1812".

Other Royal Arms in Coade stone may be seen at Portmeirion, and on the Imphal Barracks, Fulford Road, York. Mrs Eleanor Coade founded the Coade stone manufactory in Lambeth in about 1769; she was succeeded by her daughter, also Eleanor Coade, and the firm continued to make its artificial stone until about 1837. Until his death in 1813 JOHN SEALY, a relative of the Coades, was a partner in the business. In 1813 WILLIAM CROGGAN, another relative, took over, and was in sole charge after the death of Miss Eleanor Coade in 1821. He ran the factory until shortly before its closure. See the entries in Gunnis for Eleanor Coade (pp.105-9), William Croggan (pp.116-7) and John Sealy (p.346). JAMES BUBB and JOHN CHARLES ROSSI were among the sculptors who worked for the Coades.

*Barton Hartshorn (Bucks).
*Elmdon (Essex).
*Mucking (Essex).
*Tonge (Kent).
All of a design which appeared in the Coalbrookdale Company's catalogue of circa 1860.

Other examples of this, and another, larger Coalbrookdale Royal Arms design, can be seen outside public houses and hotels in Wilden (Beds), Barnstaple (Devon) and Moreton-in-Marsh (Glos); also three in York, in the Castle Museum, the National Railway Museum, and on the Lumley Barracks.

+Market Harborough (Leics). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1607 record a payment of £1.16.08 to Coleman for "makeing & payntinge the Kings Armes & the pillars & the pue".

Hutton-in-the-Forest (Cumberland). Dated "1780". Thomas Collier (of Penrith) was paid £20.00.00 in that year for painting the Royal Arms, Commandments, Lord's Prayer and other texts. His account, dated May 28th 1780, is now in the Carlisle Record Office.

+Peakirk (Northants). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1717 record a payment to Mr Collings of £4.12.00 for the King's Arms and "Lackering ye frame".

COLLINS, J.: Painter.
+Maidford (Northants). Dated "1813".

*Ickford (Bucks). Dating from 1913. Royal Arms designed by Comper and E. Green, but executed by VERNON STALEY.
*Kemsing (Kent). Dating from 1908. Comper designed the rood screen including Royal Arms.
*Benefield (Northants). Comper designed the rood screen and Royal Arms here also. Date not known.

The contribution of Comper (1864-1960) to church design and decoration is well known.

Burmarsh (Kent). Signed (?).
Newenden (Kent). Dated "1825". Signed (?).

+Market Bosworth (Warwks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1807 record a payment of £21.15.04½ to Mr Cook for the King's Arms, Commandments, Lord's Prayer and other texts.

CORTESE, GIUSEPPE: Plasterworker.
*Sowerby (Yorks). Dated "1766". Cortese did all the plasterwork at the east end of the church, including the Royal Arms.

Cortese was an Italian stuccatore who worked most of his life in Yorkshire. At Beverley Guildhall another Royal Arms by him can be seen. He also worked at Studley Roya1, Gilling Castle, Kilnwick Hall, Newburgh Priory and John Royd's House (Halifax).

COX, JOHN: Painter.
Although no specific Roya1 Arms can be attributed to John Cox of Islip, it seems quite likely that he produced some. An advertisement in Jackson's Oxford Journal, 13 March 1756, offers his services as a painter of Texts and King's Arms, should they be required as a result of an apparently imminent Archdeacon's Visitation.

COX, SAMUEL: Painter.
*Willoughby (Warwks). Dated "1817". Signed "S. Cox, Daventry, Pinxt".

Samuel Cox the Younger of Daventry (1767-1851) was also a sculptor, particularly of memorial tablets. See the entry in Gunnis, p.115. He is listed as "portrait and landscape painter and carver" of Lichfield Terrace, Daventry, in Slater's Directory of Northants, 1850.



*Llanarmon yn Iâl (Denbighshire). Dated "1740". Signed.

*Adlingfleet (Yorks). Dated "1856". Painted by Miss Davies, the vicar's daughter,
to celebrate the end of the Crimean War.

DAVIES, T.B.: Painter.
Humberstone (Leics). Dating from 1953.
Leicester, All Saints (Leics). Dating from 1953 or later.

T.B. Davies was also responsible for a survey of "Royal Arms in Leicestershire Churches" which appeared in the Transactions of the Vaughan Arch. & Hist. Soc., 10 (1957/8), pp.14-21; 12 (1959/60), pp.10-15.

St Stephen Walbrook, London. Davies' Painter's Bill (in the Guildhall Library) for 2 July 1679 includes £5 for "painting of Moses and Aaron and the King's Armes". At present the Royal Arms in St Stephen's is unpainted, but presumably it is the one in question since it was carved in 1677-8. See also WILLIAM NEWMAN.

Upper Cam (Glos). Dated "1816". Signed "James Daw sculptor pinxit".

*Dedham (Essex). Dated "1953". Joan Dick-Cunyngham made this sampler containing the Royal Arms to commemorate the Coronation. It was given to the Church bazaar where it was bought by parishioners for display in the church.

+Uffington (Salop). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1652 record a payment of ten shillings to Dickson for "drawing ye Armes of ye comonwelth".

DOBSON, LUKE: Painter.
+Elland (Yorks). The Churchwardens' Accounts record a payment in 1660 of 13s 8d to Dobson for painting the King's Arms. Obviously they did not age well for in 1673 Dobson was paid a further £1.16.00 for "drawing" them again.

DOWNES, MR: Painter.
Hanmer (Flints). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1723 record payments to Mr Downes of £4.04.00 for the King's Arms, and £1.00.00 for the Lord's Prayer and Creed. A further payment was made in 1724 for the Commandments.

DOWNES, JOHN: Painter. Probably the same as above.
Malpas (Cheshire). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1718 record a payment of £14.00.00 to John Downes for the King's Arms and Commandments.


Bristol, St Michael. Of the heraldic period 1816-37. Signed "Michl. Edkins Pinx."

Michael Edkins is listed as "painter" in Mathew's Bristol Directory and Almanac for 1829 (where his address is given as 9 North Street) and 1835 (where his address is 10 Charles Street). A water-colour of the View from Pen Pole Point towards Blaise Castle (circa 1790), in St Nicholas Church Museum, Bristol, is by Michael Edkins.

Brockley (Somerset). Dated "1842". Signed "Wm Edkins & Son, Pinxt".
Meare (Somerset). Dated "1840". Signed "Willm Edkins & Son, pinxit, Bristol".

William Edkins was perhaps the son of Michael Edkins. Wm Edkins & Son are listed as "city painters, tilers, plasterers &c" in Mathews's Bristol Directorv and Almanac for 1829, 1835 and 1845. By 1858 they had added "estate and house agents" to their accomplishments. In the 1829 and 1835 editions their address is given as 37 Bridge Street; by 1845 they had moved to Charlotte Street, Queen Square.

ELSY, GEORGE: Painter.
*Northwold (Norfolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1750 record that Elsy was paid £5.15.00 for the King's Arms, Commandments, Lord's Prayer and Belief.

EMERY ...: Painter.
Emborough (Somerset). Dated "1817". Signed "Emery. Wells. Painter".

EVERARD, J.: Painter.
*Ufford (Hunts). Dated and signed on the Commandments board below, "Everard Stamford Painter 1799".
*Fotheringhay (Northants). Dated "1807". Signed "J. Everard Stamford Painter".
*Edith Weston (Rutland). Dated "1806". Signed "Everard Painter".

This is probably Joseph Everard of St George's Square, Stamford, who is in White's 1826 Directory under "Painters".

EVERITH ...: Painter.
*Billinghay (Lincs). Dated "1801". Signed "Everith Painter". The Royal Arms form an integral part of an arrangement of Commandments, Lord's Prayer and Belief, all presumably by Everith.

EVETTS, L.C.: Painter.
Darlington, St Mark (Co. Durham). Dated "1958". Signed.

Mr Evetts co-wrote "Royal Arms in Parish Churches of Northumberland and Durham", Archaeologia Aeliana, 31 (1953) pp.48-68, with C.H. Hunter Blair. He also wrote "Royal Arms in Churches", Care of Churches (1964) pp.32-7.


FALDER, J.: Painter.
Harrington (Cumberland). Dated "1810". Signed "J. Falder pinxt. Aged 80".

Burnham Norton (Norfolk). Dated "1826". Signed "Zach Fenn Painter Walsingham".

Zacariah Fenn is listed as "painter and gilder" of Walsingham in the Norfolk Trade Directorv of 1822-3. Z. Fenn & Son are listed as painters of High Street, Walsingham, in White's Norfolk Directory of 1836.

FETHER, G.: Painter.
*Kildwick (Yorks). Dated "1727". Signed.

FRAMPTON, EDWARD: Stained glass artist.
*Chester, St John the Baptist (Cheshire). Dated "1887". Signed "Edward Frampton". Frampton made the entire west window including the Royal Arms, for the Golden Jubilee.

*Bromfield (Salop). Dated "1670". The Royal Arms is painted onto the south wall. It is not signed. However, the marvellous chancel ceiling, which was painted two years later, is signed by Francis. Similarities between the scrollwork and lettering on the ceiling and on the Arms would indicate that the latter is almost certainly by Francis too.

Thomas Francis came from Aston-by-Sutton (Cheshire).


*St Bride Fleet Street, London. Gardner carved the Royal Arms, in Beer stone, some time during the church's restoration, 1940-57.

GILL, JOHN: Painter.
*Loxbeare (Devon). Dated "1725". Signed "Johannes Gill. Tiverton. Pinxit".

*Chinnor (Oxon). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £2.05.00 to Goldfinch for the King's Arms.

+St Margaret Westminster, London. The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1651 record a payment of £50.00.00 to Gomersall for "paintinge and guilding of the States armes in several places of the church and vestry".

GOODMAN, R.: Painter.
Wighton (Norfolk). Dating from the reign of George IV. Signed.

GYLES, HENRY: Stained glass artist.
Acomb (Yorks). Dating from 1663. A complete achievement in glass.

Henry Gyles (1645-1709) of York was one of the most important figures in stained glass painting in the latter half of the seventeenth century.


HALL ...: Painter.
Barnby (Suffolk). Dated "1825". Signed "Hall Pinxt".
Great Hockham (Norfolk), Nettlestead (Suffolk). Diarmald MacCulloch in "Royal Arms in Suffolk Churches", Proceedings of the Suffolk Inst. of Arch., 32 pt 2 (1971) p.195, states that these Royal Arms are very similar to the one at Barnby and probably by the same artist.

HALL, JOHN: Painter.
+Long Melford (Suffolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1547-8 record a payment to John Hall of Sudbury for the Royal Arms.

HANBAGE, THOMAS: 'Painter-stainer'.
Although no Royal Arms are known specifically to have been painted by Hanbage, he was granted a licence by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1631 to paint "his Majesties Arms and the Tenne Commandments" in those churches in the Canterbury diocese without them. For full text of licence see H. Munro Cautley's Royal Arms and Commandments in Our Churches (1934), pp.39-40.

HARDMAN'S: Stained glass makers.
*Stourport-on-Severn, St Michael (Worcs). Hardman's of Birmingham made this full achievement in stained glass probably some time in the 1950s. In 1981 it was moved to the War Memorial window in St John's, Dudley Wood (Staffs).

*Wadhurst (Sussex). Dating from 1978. Made and donated by Mr Harper to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.

Mr Harper, a retired member of the Colonial Police Service, also restored many arms on memorials in the church. For further information see Heraldry Gazette (Heraldry Society), No.74 (August 1978).

HARRIS, MR: Painter.
*Whitchurch (Bucks). Dated "1753". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1752 record a payment of £2.10.00 to Mr Harris for the King's Arms. (Still existing eight years ago but in dreadful condition).

*Knutsford (Cheshire). Dated "1831". Signed on the accompanying board "These Arms were painted in the 2d Year of the reign of his most gracious Majesty KING WILLIAM the fourth, by Robt Haward AE:72".

Robt Haward (Painter) of King Street, Knutsford, is listed in Pigot & Co's Commercial Directory of 1828, under "Plumbers, Glaziers and Painters".

HAWKSWORTH, I.: Painter.
*Hemswell (Lincs). Dated "1837". Signed in pencil "I. Hawksworth Painter. Gainsboro."

Perhaps the John Hawksworth of Market Street, Gainsborough, who was listed as a house and signpainter in 1856.

Kings Lynn, St Nicholas (Norfolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1616 record a payment of ten shillings made to Edward Haynes for "fashioning the backside of the King's Arms with creses cattoises and such like". A further £6 was paid in the same year for "guilding the Kynges Arms" but it doesn't say to whom. There is evidence that the carved and painted (updated) Stuart Coat of Arms at *Little Wilbraham (Cambs) came originally from St Nicholas, Kings Lynn. If it is the achievement described here, then the "creses" (crests?) and "cattoises" (cartouches?) which Haynes painted on the reverse side could either be the Prince of Wales' Feathers and motto which are presently on the back of the Arms, or the Stuart shield, of which traces were found underneath the Feathers during a recent restoration.

*Leominster Priory (Herefs). Dated "1719". Signed "Harley Herbert Painter".

HERRINGE ...: Painter.
+Gamlingay (Cambs). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1608 record a payment of £1.03.04 to "herringe" for the King's Arms and Commandments.

HILL, MR: Painter.
*Llanynys (Denbighshire). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1661 record a payment of £6.00.00 to "Mr Hill the painter for drawing the King's armes".

HILL, WILLIAM: Woodcarver.
Bristol, St Thomas. The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1633 apparently record a payment of £61.05.00 to Hill for "cutting the King's Arms". This astonishingly high amount must surely have included other work. The Arms seem not to have been erected for four years; they have the date "1637" inscribed on the frame.

Chatton (Northumberland). Dating from 1952.

HOLME, RANDLE: Painters.
+Chester, St Mary (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts record a payment of £3.00.00 in 1622 for "The Kinges Armes wrought on a board with gould and oyle cullers by Randle Holme".
+Chester, St Oswald. Churchwardens' Accounts for 1624 record a payment of £6.06.06 to "Mr Holmes" for "the Kinges Armes, Princes Armes, Cittys Armes and the Armes of the twelve tribes and also for writing the Commandments new ovre and for cloth to write the Commandments upon".
+Chester, St Peter. Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 include the following entries: "Spent in August with Mr Holmes about the Kinges Armes at severall times. 2s"; "Oct 29th. Paid £4.05.00 to Mr Holmes for draweinge the Kinges Armes"; "To a porter for carriage of them from Mr Holmes house to the church. 1s."
+Prestbury (Cheshire). According to the Churchwardens' Accounts for 1661, "Mr Hulme the Heralds man" was first paid 7s 8d, presumably for the initial consultation; and then £8.00.00 for the "Kinges Armes and Gentlemens Coats".

There were in fact four generations of Randle Holmes, all painters of Chester. Presumably the first two achievements listed above were by either Randle Holme I (1571-1655) or Randle Holme II (1601-1659), The remaining two would have been by the most famous and controversial of them all, Randle Holme III (1627-1700). For a fascinating account of a dispute in 1661 between this Holme and the churchwardens of St Bridget, Chester, over payment for a Roya1 Coat of Arms which Holme painted, see The Cheshire Sheaf (1924) 3rd series, XX1, p.85. It is very unfortunate that no Royal Arms by this family are known to have survived; but several rectangular heraldic funeral panels by them still exist in Cheshire, in particular there is a fine collection in St John the Baptist, Chester. For further information see "The Four Randle Holmes of Chester" by J.P. Earwaker, Journal of the Chester Arch. & Hist. Society, NS IV (1890/1), pp.113-70.

+Harlington (Beds). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1757 record a payment of £8.11.01 to Horspool for the Lord's Prayer, Creed, Commandments, "reparing the Arms and other paintings" and other work in the church.

HORWOOD AND PAGE: Plasterworkers.
*Saint Leonards (Bucks). Dated "1963".

HOW, JAMES: Painter.
*Slapton (Devon). Dated "1766". Signed "Painted by James How".

HOWARD, JOHN, & SON: Ironfounders.
*Ampthill (Beds). The arms were bought in 1848 at a cost of £1.12.00 from the Bedford Ironfounders, John Howard & Son. However, the heraldic period is 1816-37.

HOWE, G.: Painter.
*Crewkerne (Somerset). Dated "1819". Signed "G. Howe. Painter".
*West Chinnock (Somerset). Dated "1825". Signed "G. Howe. Painter".

Halifax (Yorks). According to the Churchwardens' Accounts of 1781 Charles Hoyland was paid £2.16.06 for "painting King's Arms and gates". Probably this refers to JOHN AKED's Arms of 1705, and records a repainting.

*Barlings (Lincs). Dated "1739". Signed "Edw. Hunton of Lincoln Painter".

*Navenby (Lincs). Dated "1710". Signed "Thomas Hunton of Lincoln Painter".
*Hinton-in-the-Hedges (Northants). Dated "1707". Signed "Thom: Hunton of Lincoln Painter".

Probably Thomas Hunton was the father of Edward. They both seem to have used the same design for their Royal Arms, though Thomas was much the better artist.

HUXLEY, J.: Painter.
Wigmore (Herefs). Dated "1831". Signed "J. Huxley, painter, Leominster".


*Portesham (Dorset). Dated "1754". Signed.

IRVING, G.R.: Painter.
*Weedon (Northants). Dated "1825". Signed.

+Norwich, St Stephen (Norfolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1686/7 record a payment of £2.10.00 to Isborne for "new drawing the King's Arms".

Isaac Isborne was the son of Thomas Isborne, painter. He became a freeman of Norwich in 1661.

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