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JOHNSON, MR: Painter.
+Wirksworth (Derbys). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1661 record three payments to Mr Johnson. Two of 2s 6d for "his coming & spent in bargaining wth him", etc; and a third of £9.17.06 for "drawing the Kinges Arms 16th Sept".

*Hull, Holy Trinity (Yorks). Dating from 1963. A carved and painted achievement which Johnson designed. The Arms were carved by CLIFFORD LONGLEY and painted by G.R. BEAULAH LTD.

JONES, MR: Painter.
Newbury (Berks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1707 record a payment of £2.00.00 to Mr Jones for painting the Queen's Arms.

JONES, J.: Woodcarver.
Weston, Bath (Somerset). Dating from the heraldic period 1816-37. Signed "the gift of J. Jones, carver of this parish".

JONES, J.: Sculptor.
*Cwmdu (Breconshire). Dated post 1837. According to Pevsner's Powys, this set was made by J. Jones of Crickhowell (Brecs).

IONES, IOHN: Painter.
+Llanrothal (Herefs). Dated "1721". Signed "Iohn Iones of Rockfield (Monmouthshire) painted this".

Ipswich, St Clement (Suffolk). Churchwardens' Accounts for 1604 record a payment of £1.06.08 to Joyce for the King's Arms. He was paid an extra 7d "ovar and Above his Bargaine as an Hawneste pennye".


KIRBY, JOHN: Painter.
Hardingham (Norfolk). Dated "1785". Signed.

KYRK, SAMUEL: Painter.
Trentham (Staffs). Dated "1634". Signed "Samuel Kyrk, Lichfild fecit.

There is an etching of the west front of Lichfield Cathedral in Thomas Fuller's Church History (1655), signed "Samuel Kyrk, pinxit. W. Hollar sculp.". The etching was apparently made from a larger painting or drawing by Samuel Kyrk, made for Elias Ashmole around 1620. The etching is reproduced in English Cathedrals: The Forgotten Centuries by Gerald Cobb (1980), p.141.


LAMBERT, JR: Painter.
Eastbourne (Sussex). According to Pevsner, this achievement was painted by Lambert Junior of Lewes, in 1791.

LEESE, REVD A.S.M.: Painter.
Hawkhurst (Kent). This achievement was painted in 1957 by Leese, who was then vicar of Hawkhurst. Dated "1957".

*Great Milton (Oxon). Dated "1957". Signed "Designed and executed by Janet Truda Lenton".
*Little Milton (Oxon). Dated "1962". Signed as above.

LIVERMORE, MR: Woodcarver.
*Bradford Cathedral (Yorks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1704 record a payment of l0s 9d to Mr Livermore "in part of the twelve pounds to be given him for carving the Capitalls and Queen's Arms".

+Leicester, St Martin (Leics). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1593-4 record a payment of £5.11.08 for "washing and payntynge and gyldinge the queenes armes in our church bye sevrall portyons".

*Hull, Holy Trinity (Yorks). Dating from 1963. A carved and painted achievement, of which Longley did the carving only. The Arms were designed by FRANCIS JOHNSON and painted by G.K. BEAULAH LTD.

LORD, JOSEPH: Painter.
*Tenby (Pembrokeshire). Dated "1700". The artist is understood to have been Joseph Lord of Carmarthen. (The Arms are now in the Tenby Museum).


+Linton (Cambs). Dated "1735". Signed "Step: Maling pinx." according to William Cole's notes of 1742.

The Cambridgeshire Poll Book of 29/3/1722 lists Stephen Maling as residing in Linton.

*Salisbury, St Thomas (Wilts). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1573/4 record a payment of £2.13.04 to Marbell for "peynting and gilting of ye queenes armes and making ye X Comaundementes and other skripture..."

MARTEN, JOHN: Painter and sculptor.
Ebony (Kent). Dated "1768". Signed.
Hinxhill (Kent). Dating from some time between 1760 and 1801. Signed.
Staplehurst (Kent). Dated "1793". Signed.
Upper Hardres (Kent). Dating from before 1760. Signed.
Udimore (Sussex). Dated "1772", Signed.

Marten also painted the Royal Arms at Tenterden Town Hall (dated "1792"). Although all of the above are paintings, Marten of Tenterden (1728-1814) was also a sculptor who made several marble monuments in Kent and Sussex. See his entry in Gunnis, p.257.

MASON, GEORGE: Woodcarver.
Bristol, St Peter. The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1703 record a payment of £4.08.00 on July 6th to "Geo. Mason for ye lion and unicorn". Later these figures were updated so that they now hold shields of the heraldic period 1714-1801.

+Northwold (Norfolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £2.15.00 to Masterman for the King's Arms. Masterman was obviously able to offer a better rate than JOHN WATSON, who went to Northwold in the same year to paint the King's Arms but left after he was unable to come to an agreement with the churchwardens.


MAYGET, W.: Painter.
North Wootton (Somerset). Dated "1826". Signed "W. Mayget, Wells, Pt".

METCALF, W.: Painter/Restorer.
*Manton (Rutland). The George III Royal Arms painted on the wall here were restored in the 1970s by Metcalf and S. WALTON. The restoration was basically a complete repainting from scratch.

MILLER, ALFRED A.: Woodcarver.
*Hampton Gay (Oxon). Dating from the reign of George V. A carved wooden achievement inscribed "Carved by Alfred A. Miller. Coloured by Mrs Stanley Barry".

MURPHY, TOM: Stonecarver.
*Liverpool Cathedral (Merseyside). The Royal achievement here was erected in Autumn 1978. The Liverpool Echo for 21/22 January 1978 has a photograph of Tom Murphy working on the arms in sandstone, having made a full-scale model in clay.

Tom Murphy of Wallasey was aged 73, and had been master carver at the Cathedral for 44 years, when the Arms were erected.


NEWMAN, WILLIAM: Woodcarver.
*St Stephen Walbrook, London. Newman's Craftsman's Bill of circa 1677-8 (in the Guildhall Library) includes £41.03.03 for the altarpiece, of which £8.10.00 was for carving the Royal Arms. The achievement was probably painted by WILLIAM DAVIES.

NURSE, HENRY: Painter.
*Great Braxted (Essex). The Royal Arms here were painted in 1960 by Henry Nurse.


OLIVER, JOHN: Stained glass artist.
*Northill (Beds). Dated "1664". One of three large heraldic windows here, all of which were made by Oliver, contains a full Royal achievement. Pevsner says it is signed.

*South Carlton (Lincs). Arms dating from the heraldic period 1801-16. Church Records show that the achievement was made for £3.00.00 by Patrick O'Shea of Newark-on-Trent (Notts).

+Wilmslow (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1608 record a payment of £2.13.11 to Overton for the King's Arms and Commandments "and necessarie things". Probably this is the achievement which the Accounts mention in 1650, when 2s 0d was paid for its "deabolishing" under order from Parliament.

OWEN, T.: Painter.
*Hopesay (Salop). Dated "1776". Signed "T. Owen. Ludlow. Pinxt".


PACHERI, ROBERT (of Messrs Pacheri and Hack of Finstall): Woodcarver.
*Hanbury (Worcs). This achievement was carved in mahogany and painted by Pacheri, to commemorate the Coronation. It was unveiled on May 8th, 1955.

Beccles (Suffolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £4.10.00 to "Mr Parrish of Yarmouth in part of the Kings Armes".

*Awliscombe (Devon). Dated "1973". Signed "Ronald Parsons Exeter". Parsons also restored a Hanoverian Royal Arms in the church.

PASSMORE ...: Painter.
*Nymet Roland (Devon). Dated "1792". Signed "Passmore's Fecit".

PASSMORE ...: Painter.
*West Ogwell (Devon). Dated "Decr 19th 1832". Signed "Passmore, Newton (Abbot)".

The differences in style between the Arms at Nymet Roland and these at West Ogwell would seem to rule out their being by the same artist. Perhaps the two Passmores were father and son.

+Prestbury (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1611 record a payment of £2.05.08 to Paynton for "putting the Kinges Armes with colour".

Kewstoke (Somerset). Dated "1831". Signed "T. Penny. Painter. Bristol". The shield is of the heraldic period 1714-1801, so Penny was probably only responsible for a repainting in 1831.

Thomas Penny is listed as "sign painter, writer, gilder and picture cleaner", later also "glass enameller", in Mathews's Bristol Directory and Almanac for 1829, 1835 and 1845. His address is given as 7 Clarence Road, Bristol.

PERKS, DAVID A.: Painter.
*Martley (Worcs). Dated "1971".
*Stambermill (Worcs). Dating from 1965. Signed "D.A. Perks. Lye".

David Perks of the Lye, Stourbridge, is a signwriter. His other work includes a set of the Queen's Beasts which were set up outside Peplow's Jewellers in Stourbridge to celebrate the Jubilee in 1977.

*Minehead (Somerset). Dated "1743". Signed "R. Phelps, Pinxit". There are three Royal Arms in this church. Phelps clearly copied his from one of the others - a Queen Anne (1704) achievement. The two are very similar (apart from the different heraldry on the shield), but Phelps' copy, though efficiently executed, isn't as good as the older set. The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1743/4 record a payment to "Richard Phelps (painter of Bridgewater)" for the King's Arms.

Wigston Magna (Leics). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1768 record a payment of £8.08.03 to Phipps for the King's Arms and other painting in the church.

+Northwold (Norfolk). According to the Churchwardens' Accounts, Thomas Poole painted the Queen's Arms here in 1706. They were superseded by GEORGE ELSY's achievement 44 years later.

POWELL, JAMES, & SONS (Whitefriars stained glass): Stained glass makers.
*Cambridge, St Edward. Dated "1952" to commemorate the ascent of Elizabeth II to the throne. Dedicated in 1953. The window includes the arms of the two Queens Elizabeth. Signed with a small cowled monk for Whitefriars glass.

PUDSEY, W.P.: Painter.
*Kettlethorpe (Lincs). Dated "1812". Signed "W.P. Pudsey".
*Newton on Trent (Lincs). Dated "1792". Signed "Pudsey of Gainsboro".


*St Cuthbert Philbeach Gardens, London. Dating from shortly after 1888 when the church was completed.

Bainbridge Reynolds (1855-1935), the well-known art-nouveau wrought-iron artist, did much of the furnishing in this church, including the superb Royal Arms. See The Studio 9, p.52; 37, p.53 & p.216; 49, p.40; for other examples of his work.

+Derby Cathedral (Derbys). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £10.00.01 to Ralph Richardson for drawing the King's Arms. A further 2s ld was paid to "Ralph Richardson and other workmen at severall tymes to drinke at setting up ye Kings armes".

*Cambridge, St Mary the Less. Arms of the heraldic period 1714-1801. Placed in the church in the early 1740s (said to be 1741). Shortly after its erection, William Cole described it thus: "ye Arms of ye present Royal Family neatly painted, and was the Gift of Mr Valentine Ritz, a German Painter who has lived in this Parish near 50 years, and is now very old; he was formerly no indifferent Copier; but now past his work".

William Cole's note on Ritts (Cole Add MSS II 49) is included in Cambridge Described and Illustrated by T.D. Atkinson (1897), p.157. Atkinson adds a footnote: "Valentine Ritts painted the picture of Sir Isaac Newton in the Hall of Trinity College". Ritts' Will (proved 1744) is in the Ely Archdeaconry Probate Records.

+Water Newton (Hunts). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1834, March 21, record a payment of £8.15.00 to Mr Robertson for the King's Arms.

*Beeston (Norfolk). Only an ornate painted framing and a few fragments within remain of the Royal Arms painted on the wall here. The Church Guide says that the painting was done by William Roose in the reign of James I.

Needwood (Staffs). Of the heraldic period 1801-16; probably dating from the building of the church in 1808. Signed.

Rossi (1762-1839) worked in stone, terra-cotta and artificial stone. Among his most famous creations are the four caryatids on the north side of St Pancras church (London). He also made a Royal Coat of Arms for Windsor Castle in 1837. Rossi also worked for ELEANOR COADE, and in association with JAMES BUBB. See his entry in Gunnis, pp.326-9.

Wissett (Suffolk). Dated "1813", Signed "T. Rounce Halesworth".

ROWE, REVD E.J.: Painter.
Englishcombe (Somerset). Painted by the then rector, E.J. Rowe, in 1917.

ROWLANDS ...: Painter.
*Molland Botreaux (Devon). Dated "1808". Signed "Rowlands Painters".

RUSSELL ...: Painter.
+Cambridge, St Mary the Great. The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1609 record a payment of l0s to Russell for painting the King's Arms.


+Hargrave (Northants). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1718 record a payment of £4.11.00 to Salmon for the King's Arms and other work.

+Penzance, St Mary's Chapel (Cornwall). The Borough Accounts record a payment of £2.02.00 to John Scaddan on 11th July, 1729, for "drawing the King's Arms in the Chapple".

*Redruth (Cornwall). An inscription recording the erection of the Royal Arms is dated "1792". Signed.

Richard Scaddan (1719/20-1802?), of Penzance, was John's son. Among his other extant work is a copy of a contemporary portrait by Thomas Frye of Frederick, Prince of Wales (owned by the Saddlers' Company). Scaddan was Frye's apprentice. Penzance Borough Accounts, under 9th September 1754, list a payment of £1.00.00 to Richard Scaddan for "cleaning, varnishing, gilding and altering the wrong spelling of the King's Arms in the Town Hall". For further information on both Richard and John Scaddan see "Richard Scaddan - A Cornish Painter" by Cyril Staal, Journal of the Royal Institution of Cornwall NS VII pt 1 (1973), pp.15-20.

SCAIFE, R.: Painter.
*Pocklington (Yorks). Dated "1834". Signed.

Tillington (Sussex). Dated "1661". Understood to be by Scales.


SEARGEANT ...: Painter.
*Stanton St John (Oxon). Dated "Sept. 1807". Signed "Seargeant Painter". The Churchwardens Accounts for 1801 mention a payment of £12.16.08 to Mr Seargeant for "whiting and painting the church".

This Mr Seargeant could possibly be identical to J. SEARGEANT below.

SEARGEANT, J.: Painter.
*Shabbington (Bucks). Dating from between 1760 and 1801. Understood to be by Seargeant.

J. Seargeant of Brill also drew estate maps.

*Alwington (Devon). Dated "1814". Signed.

SERJENT, JOHN: 'Painter-stainer'.
No Royal Arms are known specifically to have been painted by Serjent, but he was granted a licence by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1614 to paint the King's Arms, together with "the noble young prince's", Commandments etc, in "the churches and chappells within the Realme of England". Serjent was a painter-stainer of Hitchin (Herts).

SHACER ...: Painter.
*Histon (Cambs). Dated "182(2?)". Signed "Shacer Pinxt".

Witton, Northwich (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1801 record a payment of £13.08.00 to Sharpe for the King's Arms.

SHAW, DANIEL: Wood and stone carver.
*King's Lynn, St Margaret (Norfolk). Dated "1660". Shaw only carved the Arms; JOHN WATSON painted them. Local Records, dated 2nd July 1660, list a payment of £16.00.00 to "Daniell Shaw for carving & setting up the King's Armes & tymber". The achievement was updated in the time of William III.

Daniel Shaw became a Freeman of King's Lynn in 1628. Among other things he carved the Town Arms on the schoolhouse and a stone lion for the Town Cross. See his entry in Gunnis, p.349.

SIMPSON, T.: Painter.
*Easton on the Hill (Northants). Dated "1826". Signed "T. Simpson Penxt Stamford".

T. Simpson could be either Thomas Simpson of St Martins, Stamford (under 'Painters' in Whites Directory 1842); or Theophilus Simpson of 'Red Cow', Back Street, Stamford (Victualler and Painter in Hagar's Directory 1849).

SKILBECK, C.O.: Painter.
*Bledlow (Bucks). Erected in 1952 to commemorate the Queen's accession.

Skilbeck was a well-known 1oca1 antiquary who lived in the village.

SLACK, MR: Painter.
+Macclesfield (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1746 mention a payment of £4.10.00 to Mr Slack for "drawing" the King's Arms.

*Stoke St Milborough (Salop). Dated "1741". Signed.

SMITH ...: Painter.
*Skipton (Yorks). Dated "1798". Said to be the work of a local Skipton artist named Smith.

*Chalfont St Peter (Bucks). Dating from 1966. A carved and painted achievement which was made by Dr Smithells from old pews.

Milton Lilbourne (Wilts). Dated "1782". Signed "Wm Sparks Pinxit".

Wretton (Norfolk). Dating from the heraldic period 1714-1801. Signed "Springfield & Sons Painters".

SPURRIER, PETER: Painter/Carver.
*Bramshaw (Hants). Dated "1975". Carved/painted by Spurrier with the assistance of ALISON URWICK.

*Ickford (Bucks). Dating from 1913. The Arms were designed by E. Green and JOHN NINIAN COMPER, and executed by Staley.

Canon Staley, long the vicar of Ickford, also made the font cover and other woodwork in the church. His woodcarving can also be found in other Buckinghamshire churches.

STANFIELD, J.E.: Woodcarver.
Tatworth (Somerset). Dating from some time post 1837. Signed "Carved by J.E. Stanfield, Crewkerne".

Kirton (Suffolk). Dating from the 1950s. Said to be the work of Mr Stephenson, late of Falkenham Old Rectory.

+Ipswich, St Matthew (Suffolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1605 record a payment of one shilling to Stephenson for painting the frame only of the King's Arms. The Arms themselves were painted by STEWES.

STEWES ...: Painter.
+Ipswich, St Matthew (Suffolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1605 record a payment of seven shillings to "Stewes wiefe for her husband payntinge of the Kings armes". The frame was painted by THOMAS STEPHENSON.

New Hutton (Westmorland). Heraldic period 1801-16, but probably dating from the rebuilding of the church in 1828. Signed "W: Stubbs, Painter".

William Stubbs was a painter and gilder of Woolpack Yard, Kendal.

*Cheswardine (Salop). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1717/18 include an entry recording the painting of the Arms by "Robert Sumerfeild".
+West Bromwich (Staffs). The Churchwardens' Book includes the text of an agreement made between "Robert Summerfield of Wolverhampton Painter" and the Churchwardens and Parish of West Bromwich on August 31st, 1716. Summerfield contracted to make the King's Arms, Commandments, Lord's Prayer, Creed, Moses & Aaron and Sentences "in Oyle Work only without Gold" by "Christmas next" for the sum of £20.00.00. For the full text of this agreement see "Royal Arms in Staffordshire Churches" by S.A. Jeavons, Birmingham & Midland Arch. Soc. Transactions, 78 (1962), p.88.


TAYLOR, JOHN: Painter.
*St Breock (Cornwall). An agreement was made on June 28th, 1680, between John Taylor and the churchwardens to "draw ye kings arms and get them up as famous and glorious and with such lustre as it hath been ever done in ye County of Cornwall or Devon as shall be adjudged by any one workman". For this, and for the Ten Commandments with additional decoration to fill up the rood loft, Taylor was to be paid £4.00.00 at or before November 4th (Document in Truro Record Office). The present Queen Anne achievement in the church was painted over this set, but traces can still be seen.

Wilmslow (Cheshire). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £4.10.00 to Thornley for "drawinge upp the Kinges Armes".

*Hargrave (Northants). Dated "1776". Signed "S. Turner Pinxt". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1776 record a payment of £2.12.06 to "Mr Samuel Turner for painting the Court of Arms".


Winchester, St John the Baptist (Hants). According to the Churchwardens' Accounts, Giles Uphill was paid £1.04.00 in 1661 for painting the King's Arms. Five pence was paid to Lucas for washing out the State's Arms in the same year.

URWICK, ALISON: Calligrapher/heraldic artist.
*Bramshaw (Hants). Dated "1975". Alison Urwick assisted PETER SPURRIER in the making of this achievement.
*Plaitford (Hants). Dated "1980". A panel painted by Alison Urwick in the build-up to the Wedding of the Prince of Wales - hence the inclusion of an extraneous leek! The same vicar, W. Elliott, commissioned both the set at Plaitford and the one at Bramshaw.


VARAH, W.O.: Painter.
+St Paul Battersea, London. Painted in 1954 by W.O. Varah of Beaconsfield (Bucks).

VINCENT, MR: Painter.
+Youlgreave (Derbys). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1740 record payments to Vincent of £3.03.00 for the King's Arms and £3.15.00 for the Creed and Lord's Prayer.


*Horndon-on-the-Hill (Essex). Dated "1715". Signed "William Waite, of Gravesend Painter".

WAKEM, N.: Painter.
*St Cuby (Cornwall). Dated "1685". Signed.

WALLIS, JOSEPH: Ironworks.
*Wrabness (Essex). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 6th May 1826 record a payment of £2.02.00 to Mr Wallis for the King's Arms.
Identical cast iron achievements are to be found at:
*(Essex): Belchamp Otten, Birch, Birdbrook, Boxted, Bradfield, Colchester All Saints, Colchester Christ Church (moved recently from St Mary at the Walls), Dovercourt, East Donyland, Fordham, Great Tey, Little Bentley, Little Bromley, Mistley, Mount Bures, West Bergholt.
*(Hunts): Godmanchester.
*(Suffolk): Knodishall, Middleton, Nayland, Stowupland.
*(Sussex): Stanmer.

*(Gwent, Wales): Llanthony.

Others not in churches include examples in or on Colchester Town Hall, Colchester Castle Museum, Hythe Quay Custom House, and a building in Main Road, Dovercourt (all Essex). Joseph Wallis Jnr, son of a Colchester High Street ironmonger, established the first Essex ironfoundry in a yard on the north side of the west end of the High Street, Colchester, in 1792. After his death in 1827, his son Charles was joined by Richard Coleman: that partnership was dissolved at the end of 1834. Charles continued until he died in 1849. Subsequent owners worked the foundry until 1920. The 1820 iron colonnade of the Fire Office, of which Joseph was a director, stands at the western end of the High Street. Wallis also provided railings for St Runwald's churchyard, Colchester, in 1801 (Churchwardens' Accounts).

WALTON, S.: Painter/Restorer.
*Manton (Rutland). The George III Royal Arms painted on the wall here were restored in the 1970s by Walton and W. METCALF. The restoration was basically a complete repainting from scratch.

WATSON, JOHN: Painter.
*King's Lynn, St Margaret (Norfolk). Dated "1660". Watson only painted the Arms; they were carved by DANIEL SHAW. Local Records, dated 2nd July 1660, list a payment of £10.00.00 to "John Wattson for painting & guilding the King's Armes". The achievement was updated in the time of William III.
Northwold (Norfolk). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 include an entry: "Laid out to John Watson of Kings Lynn that came to take the Kings Armes to paynt and wee could not agree with him, so towards his horse Journey and his owne wee gave him two shillings". The King's Arms was eventually made by SAMUELL MASTERMAN in the same year, for £2.15.00.

John Watson became a Freeman of Lynn in 1681/2.


+Sowerby Bridge (Yorks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1790 record a payment to Whitaker of £1.17.09 for the "Cort of arms".

WHITBREAD, MARY: Carpetwork maker.
*Cardington (Beds). Dated "1779".
*Essendon (Herts). Dated "1778".

These two delightful carpetwork achievements are believed to be the work of Miss Mary Whitbread of Bedwell Park in Essendon. Another member of the family, Harriet Whitbread, gave the unique Wedgwood black basalt fonts to Cardington and Essendon churches in the early 1780s.

WHITE, MR: Painter.
*Mere (Wilts). Dated "1684". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1684/5 record a payment of £7.00.00 to Mr White for "new draweinge and settinge up the Kings Armes". A further 3s 4d was paid in expenses "when wee treated with Mr White about settinge up the Kings Armes".

WILFORD, B.: Painter.
*Stoke Goldington (Bucks). Dated "1830". Signed "B. Wilford Pinx".
*Woughton (Bucks). Dated "1831". Signed.

B. Wilford was a builder and house decorator at Newport Pagnell.

WILLIAM(S), JOHN: Painter.
Ryme Intrinseca (Dorset). Dated "1793". Signed "John Williams Yeovil".
Stoke-sub-Hamdon (Somerset). Dated "1797". Signed "John William, Yeovil, Pinxit".

Lammas (Norfolk). Painted by Miss Williamson for the Coronation of Elizabeth II.

WILMOT, K.: Painter.
Ashmore (Dorset). Dated "1816". Signed.

WILMOT, M.: Painter.
*Shaftesbury, St Peter (Dorset). Dated "1780". Signed "M. Wilmot fecit".

Possibly the father of K. Wilmot.

WILSON, JOHN: Painter.
+Elland (Yorks). In 1685, according to the Churchwardens' Accounts, Wilson was paid £1.10.00 for beautifying the existing Royal Arms (presumably those of LUKE DOBSON). A further 4s 6d was paid for taking the arms down, carriage to Halifax (no doubt where Wilson lived) and setting them up again. Wilson was also paid £1.00.00 in 1690 for altering the King's Arms (from James II to William III).
+Halifax (Yorks). The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1685 include a payment of £5.00.00 to Wilson for renewing the King's Arms and the font.

*Burnsall (Yorks). Painted by Sir Matthew Wilson in the reign of Edward VII.

*Braithwell (Yorks). Dated "1724". Understood to be by James Winder of Sheffield.

*Odiham (Hants). Dated "1660". The Churchwardens' Accounts for 1660 record a payment of £3.03.00 to Woodwar for painting the King's Arms.

WOOLSTON, JOHN: Plasterworker.
*Lamport (Northants). Woolston did the plasterwork throughout the church, including the Royal Arms, 1740-43. A letter from Charles Isham to his brother, Sir Edmund, dated 15th March, 1742, is quoted in the Church Guide: "Ned Weston, Mr Woolston's man, tumbled down from ye scaffold as he was doing ye King's Arms in Lamport Church, received but little damage as good luck happened for befell upon ye top of your seat and broke his fall...".

Woolston also did work in Lamport Hall (Music Hall) and Althorp Hall (entrance hall). He was an alderman and at one time Mayor of Northampton.

WOORE, EDWARD; Stained glass artist.
*Chelmsford Cathedral (Essex). Edward Woore made the Royal Arms in stained glass here to commemorate the Coronation of Elizabeth II.

*Chelsham (Surrey). Dated "1953". Painted by Marjorie Wratten for the Coronation of Elizabeth II.

Ingestre (Staffs). Dating from the rebuilding of the church in 1676. The screen including the Royal Arms was designed by Wren. In his own words: "an elegant skreen of Flanders Oak garnisht with the Kings Armes". See Our Christian Heritage by Warwick Rodwell and James Bentley (London, 1984), pp. 207-8.

Copyright © 1987 Rosemary Pardoe.
Not to be reproduced without permission.

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