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A page of haiku
Inspired by the subject of:
Thawed architecture

Musical variations on Basho’s

Furuike ya
kawazy tobikomu
mozu no oto

… a few frog haiku in different musical styles:

The Rock ’n’ Roll Tragedy Haiku

Oh Froggy, Oh Frog
With your motor cycle leap
You died in Triumph

The Prog Rock Haiku

Amphibian flies
From green lilaceous pad
Towards Aqua-dise

The Heavy Metal Haiku

Rabid deformed frog
Jumps, croaking madly, into
Rancid toxic pond

The Reggae Haiku

Jah’s Frog mun leepin
Leepin hi ya from ma pad
Landin in Jah’s pond

The Girl Group Haiku

Ooo Ooo Ooo Frog Jumps
Yeah Yeah Yeah from the lily
Ooo Ooo to the pond

The Boy Band Haiku

Frog Jumps Yeah Ooo Ooo
Yeah from the lily Ooo Yeah
To Ooo the pond—Yeah

The Death Metal Haiku

Grunt grunt grunt grunt FROG
Grunt grunt grunt JUMP grunt grunt grunt

The Craig David Haiku

Frog he jump in pond
Will you share my bed, girl
Frog he jump in pond

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Haiku

meaningless frog thing
nonsense jump graphic rubbish
silly picture pond

The Elvis Haiku

The pond’s all shook up—
If you ain’t gonna leap frog
Ain’t no friend of mine

Uh huh!  Hey!  Yeah!  You
Ain’t nuthin’ but an old frog
Splashin’ in the pond.

Elvis tanka (or PYO haiku)

In my mind echoes
Ain’t nothing but a sound frog
Lyric or haiku?
Elvis and Basho
Heroes in my mind

The Punk Haiku

Fuckin’ Friggin’ Frog
Jumpin’ from the soddin’ pad
Who gives a shit!

(Yes, the last line only has four syllables; it is a Punk Haiku)

The Captain Beefheart Haiku

Well!  Uh frog he jumped
Uh frog he jumped from uh pad
Int’ uh bulbous pond

The Gong/Gilli Smyth Haiku

The beautiful frog
Flies, flies, flies through the air
And lands with a Splash

The Nico haiku

The Frog, the frog jumps
Flying endlessly onwards
’Til the water calls

The Shadows Haiku

Twang twang twang twang twang
Twang twang twang twang twang twang twang
Thank You and Good Night

The Donna Summer Haiku

Ooooooh!  The frog.  Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaah!
The frog is jumping.  Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

The Jane Birkin Haiku

Ooooooh!  La Grenouille.  Aaaaaah!
La Grenouille.  Ooooooh!  Saute.  Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

The Van Halen Haiku

You might as well Jump
Sittin’ on yer lily pad
You might as well Jump

The Blues Haiku

Woke up dis mornin’
Ma frog jump inta ma pond
Ma frog, he jus jump

The Bob Dylan Haiku

Why, why do you jump?
Why do you jump from the pad?
Or do they push you?

The Billy Bragg Haiku

Don’t do it.  Don’t jump.
Don’t let ’em make you.  Don’t jump.
You must not be moved.

The Bjork Haiku

Splashy splashy splash
Froggy, Wheeeeeeee, leapy leap leap
Uppy down down splash

The (early) Madonna Haiku

Lick me with your tongue.
Take me to your pad, Froggy
Jump for me.  Jump me.

The Al Jolson Haiku

Froggy Oh Froggy
Ah knows you can do it, Frog
Make that there jump

The Doolie Wilson Haiku

You must remember...
Fundamental things apply
As frog jumps in pond

The Handel Haiku

See how the leaping
Fro-o-o-o-oggy falls…
…into the old pond

The Nahum Tate and Henry Purcell Haiku

Frog splashes in pond
’til the list’ning shores resound
—I hear no trumpets

See the note in the appendix

...by The Beatles

Early Lennon & McCartney:

A frog yeah yeah yeah
Jumps in a pond yeah yeah yeah
Splash—yeah yeah yeah yeah

Later Lennon & McCartney:

Eleanor Frogby
Kept in a jar by the door
—Leaps out now and then

Even Later McCartney:

Splash splash, here’s a frog
Jumping in a pond and so
Splash—oh, ho, ho, ho

Late Lennon:

Sprog frog, eyeless pond
Listen to the coloured splash
Shattering my dream

George Harrison:

Frog don’t disturb me
Splash a million miles away
Too much for my mind

Ringo Starr:

Hello little frog
Is that a pond to jump in?
Oh, you made a splash!

The Cab Calloway Haiku

Gonna tell you ’bout
Little Froggy the Jumper

The Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator) Haiku 1 (in despairing mood)

The Frog sits... and waits...
Before leaping recklessly
Into unknown depths

The Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator) Haiku 2 (in loquatious mood)

Verdant amphibian
On Monetesque raft, takes flight
’Neath surface tension

The St Winifred’s School Choir Haiku

Froggy we love you
We love you when you leap, Frog
No one quite like Frog

The Ozzy Osbourne Haiku

My frog ain’t jumpin’
My frog ain’t been jumping since
I bit its head off

The Cliff Richard Haiku

The Frog, God’s creature
It leaps, flies like an angel
Landing in God’s pond

The Robert Wyatt Haiku

Go little frog, go
Leap, leap, lip, lap, lou.  Go Frog
Land with a big splash

The Gong/Daevid Allen Haiku

Zog, the pot head frog
He’s going to jump.  Oh Nooooo!
He’s in my tea cup

The Flanders & Swann Haiku

Frog jumps into a...
Lace-less left-hand leather boot
—Bedstead Men were here

The Wagner Haiku

Great and Mighty Frog
Enter the mystical pond
Splash into legend!

The Gilbert & Sullivan Haiku

A frog in a pond
With a splash that resounded
Leapt from the lily…

The Mozart Haiku

Trial by water—
Leaping into the dark pond
Startled by the flute.

Beethoven Haiku

The peasants rejoice
After the end of the storm
The pond overflows

Frog jumps into pond
Silently but one day he
Shall splash in Heaven

Leap into old pond:
Cacophony of splashes
‘Oh Frog, not these sounds…’

The Verdi Haiku

Glory to the pond!
Rejoice at the lily pad!
Triumphant frogs splash!

The Schubert Haiku

The old pond splashes
In its wintry solitude—
A sad frog jumps in

The Buddy Holly Haiku

Froggy Sue—uh-hoo
Oh how my heart yearns for you
Uh-hu-hoo Froggy…

Folk Haiku (so rhyme is allowed?)

It was a froggy
And his pond went splash one day
In the month of May

Of course, it is more difficult to encapsulate the folk ballad in 17 syllables.  But here goes…

Frog loves his sister
Takes her, tadpoles, and himself
To drown in the pond

The Cajun Haiku

Bullfrog jumps in swamp
Splashes fast as he can go
Avoiding ’gators

Blues Haiku

Woke up this morning
Pond was looking kinda blue
Froggy he went splash

The Julie Andrews Haiku

The Sound of Music
Enlivens hills.  Just one frog
—the sound of water

The John Cage Haiku

Frog jumps in old pond;
the ripples spread outwards, but
—there’s no sound at all

…and finally

C’mon do the frog!
C’mon baby do the frog!
Go round and around
To that old pond sound
C’mon baby do the frog!

When this was released by Dagna and the Zen Men it was pointed out it was not quite a haiku—but it still leapt up the charts…

Little frog