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New Haiku

This was a temporary resting place for new haiku that were on their way to finding their true grove in the Bonsai Forest—unless the quality rake got them first.  However, most of them have been here so long that they have taken root permanently and resist being transplated

New ones are added at the bottom.

Written to celebrate a new computer:

Here is a very minor, not entirely PC, mirror

The muse seems to have been off on hols lately, she dropped by at about 05:30 this morning and left this; said she might come back soon...

There could be some ‘Haiku of Spring’.  Meanwhile:

Dagna’s journey to work one morning resulted in a number of Haiku In Passing:

dash dash dash

Here is another duck:


Here is a competition for the weekend, all you have to do is come up with a good middle line...

...and the first reply clearly demonstrates that the traditional response of the BSK is to ignore the rules altogether:

A Classical trio


Music but no frogs


Frogs but no music

Some film haiku:

The Casablanca Haiku

The Yellow Submarine Haiku

Star Trek

...and finally:

I am sometimes inflicted by a haiku, jot it down on whatever bit of paper or card happens to be at hand, and then forget about it.  I found this one on a piece of paper in my pocket this morning.

The middle line could be anything between six and eight syllables, depending on pronunciation, but I believe it is most likely to approximate to seven (four simple syllables and four elided ones).  Well, that’s my excuse.

I was reading an article about Keanu Reeves— Keanu is Hawaiian for ‘Cool breeze over the mountains’.  I loved the phrase, and finally managed to work it into something (with, I hope, two interpretations depending on whether or not the reader recognises the reference)

Anyone who thinks ‘what a sad person’—I am also playing with ‘Sumer is icumen in’.  And ‘Lhude sing, cuccu!’

  1. You?  An air hostess?
    But are you pretty enough?
    —They call me Plane Jane
  2. I knew two Julies
    In my life.  But long ago
    I’m Julie grateful
  3. Mary long ago
    Some kinds of love come too soon
    —Blue eyes remembered
  4. Joan then Jean then June
    Long summer by the river
    Stepping stones of life
  5. Janet in the spring
    Came to me on the rebound
    —Alone that summer
  6. Smoothed her rough edges
    She wood be on the plane side
    Called her Bevelly

Do I win an Oscar?  And, another couple of girls:

(Actually this one is serious.  All too bloody serious.)


I had a dream...

That all those overheard snippets on mobile phones were written in haiku form

  1. I feel around me
    They are all listening—and
    Counting syllables
  2. It’s the end of term
    So that would explain it then
  3. Hello, is Mum there?
    No—just tell her I’ll be late
    —Who taught you that word?
  4. No I can’t talk now
    It would be much better if
    U snt a txt msg
  5. I’ll put it in blood
    If I can get through to you
    —Three red messages
  6. I’ll have to call back
    Because I think we’re about
    To come to a tun---
  7. If you should want to
    Undo your life’s great mistakes
    please key 7 now
  8. I’m a quein’ here
    Inner Glasgow traffic jam
    Aye, McEwan here
  9. Just had to phone you
    Made this great Discovery—
    I am on the train
  10. Along the cable
    Email comes as per usual
    Llude sing co.uk!

Both instantiations of the Great Master have now been to Iceland.  Here are some light-hearted results:

One particular instantiation has already provided a couple inspired by Iceland.  Here are two more::

Another haiku bit last night—and, in the biting...

It insisted I write it down:

So I switched the light on, found paper, looked for a pen—the one by the bed had run out.

So then I was able to put the light back out and try to get to sleep.  Just before I slept:

Here is one of my senryu moments:

Post-truth politics …

Here are three more: one, a seasonal haiku, came to me while I was considering the seasons as I walked across Rushmere Heath a few days ago; the second, cosmological one, came to me an hour or so ago, quickly followed by the third which presented itself to my brain as I was listening to The Third (OK it’s Radio 3 these days).

  1. Picking blackberries
    Vinified by summer suns—
    Soon the frosts will come

(Inspired by Dagna’s ‘It is now Autumn’, the final haiku of Seasons.)

  1. Random accident
    Before time and outside space—
    Oops!—Our universe!
  2. Beethoven hears Liszt
    A child prodigy perform—
    ‘That was great!’  (He’s deaf.)

One more