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A sprig of holly,
Adds something to this web page:
A seasonal look

Seasonal Haiku

Bonsai tree
  1. Boys and girls are now
    Anticipating Christmas
    Humbug is the word
  2. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    Santa Claus does not exist
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
  3. From Christmas crackers
    Comes a plastic leaping frog—
    Basho’s pond’s missing
  4. Night of Christmas Eve
    Few cars, a filling station—
    The outskirts of life
  5. Christmas Eve, dark wood—
    Dripping rain, mantras chanted
    Beneath the old oak
  6. Cold Christmas wind shakes
    The trees, the same lanterns that
    Decked the oak last night

Finally, a haiku that started from the experience of standing on Nacton Shore on the evening of Christmas Eve, but actually reflects someone else’s experience: my wife’s, on night duty at the Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital, Heswall, on the Wirral, at New Year over thirty years ago.

  1. Night of New Year’s Eve,
    Watch lights across the river—
    Another country

No Christmas for frogs,
They are busy all year round—
Pond splashing duties.