George Frideric Handel

Chandos Anthems vol. 3

Chandos CHAN 0505

Track listing

1-8 Anthem 7
My song shall be alway

  1. Sonata
  2. My song shall be alway
  3. For who is he among the clouds
  4. God is very greatly to be feared
  5. The heav'ns are thine
  6. Righteousness and equity are the habitation
  7. Blessed is the people
  8. Thou art the glory

9-17 Anthem 8
O come, let us sing unto the Lord

  1. Sonata
  2. O come, let us sing unto the Lord
  3. O come, let us worship
  4. Glory and worship are before him
  5. Tell it out among the heathen
  6. O magnify the Lord
  7. The Lord preserveth the souls of the saints
  8. For look, as high as the heaven is
  9. There is sprung up a light for the righteous

18-25 Anthem 9
O Praise the Lord with one consent

  1. O Praise the Lord with one consent
  2. Praise him, all ye that in his house
  3. For this our truest int'rest is
  4. That God is great we often have
  5. With cheerful notes let all the Earth
  6. God's tender mercy knows no bounds
  7. Ye boundless realms of joy
  8. Your voices raise


Patrizia Kwella (Soprano)
James Bowman (Alto)
Ian Partridge (Tenor)
Michael George (Bass)

The Sixteen

The Orchestra of the Sixteen

Harry Christophers

TT CD 75:00

Recording - St Jude's Church, London NW11 ; 30 January - 1 February 1989

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 20 October 1997
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