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Compact Discs

J S Bach B Minor Mass Collins 70322
Solo Cantatas Hyperion CDA66326
St Matthew Passion Teldec 2292-42509-2
St John Passion Philips 434 905-2
Biber Requiem Ricercar RIC081063
Blow Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell RCA Victor D134250
Britten Midsummer Night's Dream Virgin Classics VCD7 59305-2
Death in Venice London 425 669-2LH2
Canticles London 425 716-2LM
Rejoice in the lamb EMI CDM5 65111-2
Purcell realizations Hyperion CDA67061/2
Bruhns Complete cantatas Ricercar REC 8001/2
Burgon Fall of Lucifer Silva Classics SILKD6002
Canciones del Alma EMI CDC7 49762 2 or
EMI CDM 5 66527 2
Merciless beauty ASV Classics CD DCA 1059
Buxtehude German baroque cantatas vol 7 Ricercar RIC094076
Byrd Consort songs, English Consort Music (I) Ricercar RIC206442
David Cain Play music by David Cain BBC Records ZBBC 1925
Campian etc. Elizabethan ayres and dances Saga EC 3354-2
Cavalli Calisto Decca 436216-2DM02
Charpentier Messe de minuit EMI CDM7 63135-2
Couperin Lecon de ténèbres Hyperion CDA66474
Dowland Lute Songs Hyperion CDA66447
Lute songs Saga EC 3375-2
Dufay Missa Se la face ay pale Virgin Veritas 61283
Du Mont Motets a deux voix Ricercar RIC068053
Early Music Consort Art of the Netherlands EMI reflexe 64215
The Medieval Experience DG Archiv 449 082 2
Monteverdi's contemporaries Virgin Veritas 61288
Art of courtly love Virgin Veritas 61284
Music of the gothic era DG Archiv 415 292
Music of the gothic era (2 CD's) DG Archiv Produktion "Codex" 453 185-2
Gregorian Chant, Perotin & Machaut DG Archiv 4439 424-2
Music of the crusades Decca 430 264-2
Ecco la primavera Decca 436 219
The pleasures of the royal courts Nonsuch 71326
The Triumphs of Maximilian I Decca Serenata 436 998
Adieu Madame - Music at the English Court Deutsche Harmonia Mundi GD77 178
Gabrieli Christmas motets Hyperion CDA66398
Grier 12 Anthems Herald HAVPCD177
Gluck Orfeo ed Euridice Astree E 8538
Handel Admeto Virgin Veritas 5 61369 2
Ariodante Phillips 442 096-2
Athalia L'Oiseau Lyre 417 126-2
Belshazzar Archiv 431 793-2
Chandos anthems vol 3 Chandos CHAN0505
Deborah Hyperion CDA66841/2
Giulio Cesare Astree E 8558
Julius Caesar EMI CDMS7 69760-2
Israel in Egypt Decca 443 470-2DF2
Joshua Hyperion CDA66461/2
Joseph & His Brethren Hyperion CDA67171/3
Judas Maccabaeus Hyperion CDA66641/2
Messiah Erato 2292 45960-2 or
Erato ECD 880503 or
Erato 0630-17766-2
Messiah EMI CMS5 63784-2
Messiah EMI CDS7 49801-2
Messiah Pro Arte CDD 232
Music for royal occassions Hyperion CDA66635
Foundling hospital anthem L'Oiseau Lyre 421 654-2OH
Occasional Oratorio Hyperion CDA66961/2
Orlando L'Oiseau Lyre 430 845-2
Ottone Hyperion CDA66751/3
Saul Archiv 447 696-2
Silla Somm SOMMCD 227-8
English Arias Hyperion CDA66483
Heroic Arias Hyperion CDA66797
Italian Duets Hyperion CDA66440
Tercentenary Concert BBC Radio Classics 15656 91522
Herbert Howells Full moon and O my deir hert Meridian CDE84158
Kerll Missa pro defunctis Ricercar RIC081063
Johann Kuhnau Sacred Music Hyperion CDA67059
Loussier Messa Baroque du 21 Siècle Decca 425 217-2 or
Media 7 M7 856
Monteverdi L'Incoronazione de Poppea Virgin Veritas VCT5 45082-2
L'Orfeo Archiv 447 703-2AX2
Vespro della Beata Virgine Decca 443 482-2
Nyman Time will pronounce Argo 440 282-2ZH
Orff Carmina Burana Decca 444 591-2 or
Decca 411 702-2
Carmina Burana Virgin Classics CUV 5 61262 2
Palestrina Canticum Canticorum Salomonis Hyperion CDA66733
Pergolesi Stabat Mater L'Oiseau Lyre 425 692-2
Salve Regina Meridian CDE84327
Praetorius Dances from Terpsichore & Motets Virgin Veritas 61289 2 7
Henry Purcell Odes and Welcome Songs vol 1 Hyperion CDA66314
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 2 Hyperion CDA66349
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 3 Hyperion CDA66412
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 4 Hyperion CDA66456
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 5 Hyperion CDA66476
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 6 Hyperion CDA66494
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 7 Hyperion CDA66587
Odes and Welcome Songs vol 8 Hyperion CDA66598
Three Queen Mary odes Virgin Veritas VC7 59243 2
Birthday Ode for Queen Mary (1692 & 1694) EMI Eminence CD-EMX 2134
Queen Mary ode, Funeral Music & Organ Works EMI Classics "Rouge et Noir" CZS 767 524-2
or EMI Classics 7243 5 69270 2 5
Anthems and Services vol 1 Hyperion CDA66585
Anthems and Services vol 2 Hyperion CDA66609
Anthems and Services vol 3 Hyperion CDA66623
Anthems and Services vol 4 Hyperion CDA66644
Anthems and Services vol 5 Hyperion CDA66656
Anthems and Services vol 6 Hyperion CDA66663
Anthems and Services vol 7 Hyperion CDA66677
Anthems and Services vol 8 Hyperion CDA66686
Anthems and Services vol 9 Hyperion CDA66693
Anthems and Services vol 10 Hyperion CDA66707
Anthems and Services vol 11 Hyperion CDA66716
Anthems,Instrumental music and Songs Teldec 9032 77608 2
Te deum & Jubilate & Funeral music Decca 430 263-2DM
Secular Songs vol 1 Hyperion CDA66710
Secular Songs vol 2 Hyperion CDA66720
Secular Songs vol 3 Hyperion CDA66750
Complete Theatre music (6 discs) L'Oiseau Lyre 425 893-2
Mr Henry Purcell's most admirable composures Hyperion CDA66288
Countertenor duets and solos Hyperion CDA66253
Vocal works EMI CZS7 67524-2
Dioclesian acts 1 - 4 Chandos CHAN0568
Dioclesian masques & Timon of Athens Chandos CHAN0558
Dido & Aeneas Chandos CHAN0586
The Fairy Queen Decca 433 163-2DM2
Alan Ridout Epitaph for Amy
Three sonnets of Cecil Day Lewis
Meridian CDE84158
Betty Roe The Music Tree Somm SOMMCD 208
Scarlatti & Hasse Salve Regina Hyperion CDA66875
Schütz Symphoniae Sacrae Chandos CHAN0566/7
Tavener Akathist of Thanksgiving Sony SK64446
Telemann Cantatas Meridian CDE84159
Various Ikon Hyperion CDA66928
Great baroque arias pt 1 Allegro PCD 894 or
MCA Classics MCAD-25213
Baroque choral & string works Arion ARN68026
Paradise on Earth Maproom MR0071
Italian cantatas Arion ARN68046
Recital Meridian CDE84126
Baroque vocal works Meridian CDE84138
Music from the Courts of Europe - London United 88002
or Cala 88002-2
German baroque cantatas vol 6 Ricercar RIC079061
German baroque cantatas vol 8 Ricercar RIC103086/87
Solo Alto Cantatas Ricercar RIC101095
Lo Sposalizio Hyperion CDA67048
Vaughan Williams Ten Blake Songs
Linden Lea and other songs
Meridian CDE84158
Vivaldi Sacred music vol 2 Hyperion CDA66779
Stabat Mater &
Nisi Dominus
L'Oiseau Lyre 414 329-2OM
Nisi Dominus L'Oiseau Lyre 443 199-2OM
Nisi Dominus L'Oiseau Lyre Double Decca 455 727-2
Vespers for the nativity of the Virgin Astree E8520
Peter Warlock My own country and other songs Meridian CDE84158
Weckman Complete Cantatas Ricercar RIC109097/098
Compilations Baroque beauties Carlton ORCD11010
Discover the classics - heroes & heroines Carlton PCD894
or Pickwick PCD58
Discover the classics - set 1 Pickwick BOXD21
These you have loved Vol. 3 Classics for Pleasure CD-CFP4332
Sacred Music EMI EG764263-4
Recital EMI France 4 83086 2
The Bach Family Ricercar RIC92001
The Music of the Kings Consort Hyperion king1
Essential Purcell Hyperion king2
The James Bowman collection Hyperion king3
The Kings Consort Baroque collection Hyperion king4
Portrait Decca 436 799-2
The world of sacred music Decca 436 404-2DW0
The world of Henry Purcell Decca 443 393-2DW0
The glory of Purcell L'Oiseau Lyre 444 629-2OH
England, my England (Film soundtrack) Erato 0630 10700-2
Le temp des Castrats EMI CDC 5 55054-2
La musique au temps des Castrats Astree E8552
Les Festes Champestres Astree E 8631
Fairest Isle BBC Music Magazine BM 1
The art of James Bowman Meridian CDE 84332
Intimate Baroque Summit 118
If music be the food of love IMP 6801052

I would like to thank Todd McComb for allowing me to use the Early Music FAQ's CD files. I would also like to thank James Bowman for sending me his list of recordings, Bernard Schreuders and Philippe Gelinaud for spotting some things I missed.

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