Henry Purcell

Masques from Dioclesian and Timon of Athens

Chandos CHAN 0558

Track listing

1 - 12 Timon of Athens: Masque

  1. Hark how the songsters (Duet)
  2. Love in little veins (Cupid)
  3. But ah! how much are our delights (trio)
  4. Hence with you trifling deity (Bass Solo)
  5. But over us no griefs prevail (trio)
  6. Come, come all to me (Cupid)
  7. Who can resist such mighty charms (Chorus)
  8. Return, revolting rebels (Bacchus)
  9. The cares of lovers (Cupid)
  10. Love quickly is pall'd (Alto Solo)
  11. Come let us agree (Duet)
  12. Come let us agree (Chorus)

13 Curtain tune on a Ground

14 - 29 Dioclesian: Masque

  1. Call the nymphs (Cupid)
  2. come, come away (Duet)
  3. Behold, O mighty'st of Gods (Chorus)
  4. Paspe (The first entry of heroes on the stage)
  5. Oh! the sweet delights of love (Duet)
  6. Let monarchs fight (A Faun & Chorus)
  7. Make room (The second entry) (2 Bacchanals & Bacchus)
  8. Dance of Bacchanals
  9. Still I'm wishing (Follower of Cupid)
  10. Canaries
  11. Tell me why (The third entry) (shepherd & Shepherdess)
  12. Dance
  13. All our days (The fourth entry) (A Pleasure & Chorus)
  14. Let us dance
  15. Dance
  16. Triumph, triumph victorious love (The last entry) (Trio & Chorus)


Timon of Athens

Iestyn DaviesCupid
Christopher de la HoydeTreble
James BowmanAlto
John Mark AinsleyTenor
Michael GeorgeBacchus


Catherine PierardCupid & Shepherdess
James BowmanFollower of Cupid
John Mark AinsleyFaun, Pleasure & Wood-God
Ian BostridgeWood-God
Matthew BrookBacchus
Michael GeorgeA Bacchanallian & Shepherd
Nathan BergA Silvan & A Bacchanallian

Collegium Musicum 90

Richard Hickox

TT 58:16

Recording - St Jude's Church, Central Square, London NW11 ; 2-4 September 1993

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 23 October 1997
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