English Songs

Meridian CDE 84158

Track listing

  1. Vaughan WilliamsLinden Lea
  2. Herbert HowellsO my deir hert
  3. Alan RidoutEpitaph for Amy
  4. Vaughan WilliamsSearching for lambs
  5. Vaughan WilliamsThe Lawyer
  6. Alan RidoutThe prism of life
  7. Peter WarlockLove for love
  8. Vaughan WilliamsThe sky above the roof

9-11 Three sonnets of Cecil Day Lewis
Alan Ridout

  1. For infants time is like a humming shell
  2. Our youth-time passes down a colonnade
  3. To travel like a bird
  1. Vaughan WilliamsHow can the tree but wither?

13-23 Ten Blake songs
Vaughan Williams

  1. Infant joy
  2. A poison tree
  3. The piper
  4. London
  5. The lamb
  6. The shepherd
  7. Ah! Sunflower
  8. Cruelty has a human heart
  9. The divine image
  10. Eternity
  1. Herbert HowellsFull moon
  2. Peter WarlockSleep
  3. Roger SteptoeElegy on the death of Cock Robin
  4. Peter WarlockMy own country


James Bowman (Countertenor)
Paul Goodwin (Oboe d'amore)
Tine Grunberg (Violin)
Downshire Players of London conductor Peter Ash

TT 70:34

Recording - St Edward the Confessor's Church, Mottingham and Addington Place
May and September 1988

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 19 November 1997
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