James Bowman

Complete Discography

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Compact Discs



J S Bach St Matthew Passion Telefunken SAWT 9572/75
Bernstein Chichester Psalms EMI ASD 3035
Blow Ode on the death of Mr Henry Purcell Phillips 6575016
Britten Rejoice in the lamb EMI ASD 3035
Canticle 2 EMI CSD 3772
Canticle 4 Decca SXL 6608
Death in Venice Decca set 581-3
Byrd Ceremonial Tudor church music Argo ZRG 659
Music of the English home Turnabout TV 34709
Campian etc. Elizabethan ayres and dances Saga (number unknown)
Cavalli Calisto Argo ZNF 11/12
Charpentier Messe de minuit EMI S-36528
Desprez Missa "L'Homme Armé" Archiv 2533 360
Dowland Lute songs Saga 5449
Dufay Missa Se la face ay pale HMV CSD 3751
Motets Archive 2533291
Dunstable Motets Archive 2533291
Early Music Consort Art of the Netherlands EMI SLS 5049
Art of courtly love HMV SLS 863
Music of the gothic era DG Archiv Produktion 2710 019
Music of the crusades Argo ZRG 673
Music of the Royal Courts of Europe 1150-1600 World Record Club ST 1108
Henry VIII and his six wives HMV CSD A9001
The Art of the Recorder EMI SLS 5022
Monteverdi's Contemporaries HMV SQ ASD 3393
Love, lust, piety and politics
Music of the English court from King Henry V to VIII
BASF/Harmonia mundi 25 22 286-1
Elizabeth R - Theme and Incidental Music and song BBC Records RESL 4
Play music by David Cain BBC Records REC 91S
Ecco la primavera Argo ZRG 642
The Triumphs of Maximilian I Argo ZRG 728
Music for Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain HMV CSD 3738
Renaissance Suite
(from the film "La course en tête")
HMV HQS 1415
Gretchaninov Russian Creed
Featured in "World of Your Hundred Best Tunes" series
also "100 Greatest Classics" volume 3
TRX 103
Handel Admeto EMI IC 163-31 808/12
Athalia L'Oiseau Lyre 417 126-1
The Choice of Hercules EMI ASD 3148
Julius Caesar EMI EX-2702325
Di Lasso Penetential Psalms Archiv 2533 290
Machaut La Messe de Nostra Dame Archiv SAWT 9566-B
Monteverdi Vespro della Beata Virgine Decca SET 593040
Selva Morale E Spirituale Amadeus AMS 011-12
L'Orfeo Archiv 2723 018
Morales Magnificat and Motets Archiv 2533 321
Ockeghem Requiem Mass Archiv 2533 145
Praetorius Dances from Terpsichore & Motets HMV CSD 3761
Purcell Birthday Ode for Queen Mary (1692 & 1694) EMI/HMV ASD 3166
Sacred Music at the English Court Telefunken SAWT 9558-B
The Fairy Queen Decca SET 499-500
Come, ye sons of art Musicmasters MM 20005
Ceremonial Music Argo ZRG 724
Schütz Voices and Brass Argo ZRG 576
Musikalische Exequien EMI 065-03 828
Christmas story Argo ZRG 671
Tavener Canciones Espanolas RCA LRL1 5104
Vivaldi Stabat Mater & Nisi Dominus L'Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 506
Various Songs in Shakespeare's plays Archiv 2533 407
Elizabethan lute songs EMI HQS 1281 or
EMI Eminence EMX2101
Music from the 13th Century Harmonia Mundi HMU 443
Sacred music from the 15th/16th Centuries Archiv 2533 361
Anthems for the Chapel Royal Argo ZRG 855
The King's Musick EMI C 063-30 119
Motets by Monteverdi, Gabrieli & Schütz L'Oiseau-Lyre SOL 333
Christmas music Abbey Records ABY 603
Fantasies, Ayres & Dances Rosetree RT 101

I would like to thank Todd McComb for allowing me to use the Early Music FAQ's LP files, I would also like to thank James Bowman for sending me his list of recordings and David Hill for adding the things I have missed.

Last Updated 1 August 2001
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