James Bowman

Complete Discography

This page is under contruction. If anybody can add to the list below or can add to the video details in any way, please get in touch


Compact Discs


Britten Death in Venice (number unknown)
Midsummer Night's Dream Castle CV12008
Handel Giulio Cesare MCEG VVD383
Honour, Profit, Preasure 1984 Number unknown
Soundtrack Elizabeth R. part 4 BBC Video BBCV5641
Soundtrack Zardoz CBS/FOX No. 1298
Soundtrack Rhapsody in August A Kurosawa film Number unknown
Soundtrack A corps perdu Canadian film by Léa Pool Number unknown

I would like to thank Todd McComb for allowing me to use the Early Music FAQ's Video files. Also Fusayashi Umezono for pointing out several I had missed and Mathieu Marcil for the information on Elizabeth R.

Last Updated 10 October 2002
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