Henry Purcell

Te deum & jubilate, funeral music, anthems

Decca serenata 430 263-2

Track listing

  1. We praise thee
  2. Thou art the king of glory
  3. Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day
  4. Jubilate Deo in D
  5. Funeral sentences
    1. Man that is born of woman Z.27
    2. In the midst of life Z.17B
    3. Thou knowest, Lord Z.58B
  6. Remember not, Lord, our offences Z.50
  7. March & Canzona Z.860
  8. Thou knowest, Lord Z.58C
  9. I was glad Z.19
  10. O Lord God of hosts Z.37
  11. O give thanks Z.33


1-4 James Bowman (countertenor), 1-5 Charles Brett(countertenor), 9-11 Paul Esswood(countertenor) 1-5, 9-11 Ian Pertridge (tenor), 10 Anthony Dawson (tenor)
1-5 Forbes Robinson (bass), 9-11 Stafford Dean (bass)
10,11 Lynton Atkinson (treble)
1-5 Malcolm Creese, Simon Keenlyside, Robert King, Robert Smith, Paul Williams (treble)

1-7 English Chamber Orchestra

1-7 Stephen Cleobury (organ continuo), 1-7 Jane Ryan (viol continuo
1-7 Consort of Sackbuts from Symphoniae sacrae
9-11 John Scott (organ)

Choir of St John's College, Cambridge George Guest

TT 72:12

Recording - Chapel of St John's College, Cambridge 1972 (1-8) & 1975 (9-11)

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 20 October 1997
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