John Dowland

Lute Songs

Saga classics EC3375-2

Track listing

The first book of songs 1597

  1. Come again, sweet love doth now invite
  2. Go, crystal tears
  3. Can she excuse my wrongs?
  4. Awake, sweet love thou art returned

Lute Lessons

  1. Preludium and Lachrimae Pavan
  2. Lady Laitons Almain

The Second book of songs 1600

  1. Sorrow, stay
  2. Shall I sue?
  3. Fine knacks for ladies

The Third book of songs 1603

  1. What if I never speed?
  2. Me, me and none but me
  3. Flow not so fast ye fountains
  4. When Phoebus did first Daphne love

Lute Lessons

  1. Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens
  2. Captain Candish's Galliard

A Musical Banquet 1610

  1. Lady, if you to spite me

A Pilgrims Solace 1612

  1. Shall I strive with words to move?
  2. Tell me, true love


James Bowman (countertenor)
Robert Spencer (lute)

TT 47:19

Recording - Eltham College, London

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 20 October 1997
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