Paradise on Earth

Maproom Recordings MR0071

Track listing

Hail! Smiling mornReginald Spofforth
England be gladAnon
My Pockets low and taxes highSamuel Webbe
Two snailsJ Frederick Bridge
Orpheus with his LuteGeorge MacFarren
Time stands stillJohn Dowland
Love wakesSir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
There is a paradise on EarthRobert L Pearsall
Bushes and briarsR Vaughan Williams
As torrents in summerEdward Elgar
Linden LeaR Vaughan Williams
April is my mistress faceThomas Morley
WinterHenry Purcell
Slow slow fresh fountWilliam Horsley
Adieu adieu my heartes lustWilliam Cornysh
Never weather beaten sailThomas Campion
Hush sweet luteC Villers Stanford
Hide not Thou face from us Oh LordRichard Farrant
How clear how lovely brightA E Housman


Oxford Liedertafel
Stepehn Burrows Countertenor
Ben Alden Tenor
Matthew Vine Tenor
Duncan Saunderson Bass

Tracks 6, 16 and 18 James Bowman Countertenor with Dorothy Linnell Lute

Colin Dexter Reader

Recording - 2010

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 29 December 2010
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