Henry Purcell

Dioclesian Acts 1 - 4

Chandos CHAN 0568

Track listing

  1. First Musick
  2. Second Musick
  3. Overture

Act 1

  1. First Act tune (hornpipe)

Act 2

  1. Song (Bass) Great Diocles the boar has killed -
    Chorus Sing Iö's
  2. Song (Soprano) Charon the peaceful shades invites
  3. Symphony for trumpets and violins
  4. Duet (Soprano & Bass), Chorus Let all mankind the pleaure share
  5. Martial Song (Tenor) Let the soldiers rejoice -
    Trio (TTB) Rejoice with great voice -
    Retornello for trumpets & Hautbois
    Trio (TTB) To Mars let 'em raise - rejoice with general voice
    Retornello for trumpets & Hautbois
  6. A symphony of Flutes - Song (Alto) Since the toils and Hazards -
    Quartet (SATB) Let the priests - Chorus All sing
  7. Dance of the Furies
  8. Second Act tune

Act 3

  1. Two in one upon a ground, Chaconne for Flutes
  2. The chair dance
  3. Prelude for Hautboys - Song (Tenor) What shall I do?
  4. Third Act tune

Act 4

  1. Butterfly dance
  2. Tune for Trumpets
  3. Song (Tenor) Sound, fame, thy brazen trumpet sound
  4. Chorus Let all rehearse
  5. Fourth Act tune


  1. Country Dance in the Fifth Act
  2. Song (Soprano) Since from my dear Astrea's sight
  3. Song (Tenor) When first I saw


James BowmanAlto
John Mark AinsleyTenor
Mark PadmoreTenor
Michael GeorgeBass

Collegium Musicum 90

Richard Hickox

TT 54:24

Recording - St Jude's Church, Central Square, London NW11 ; 26-28 September 1994

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 23 October 1997
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