Music from the courts of Europe - London

United 88002

Track listing

George Friderick Handel

  1. Zadok the Priest

Henry Purcell

  1. O, sing unto the Lord

George Friderick Handel

  1. As with rosy steps the morn advancing

John Blow

  1. Sing unto the Lord, Oh ye Saints

Pelham Humfrey

  1. A hymn to God the Father

Thoms Arne

  1. Under the greenwood tree
  2. Come away death
  3. Where the bee sucks

Henry Purcell

  1. My beloved spake


2Tom Seligman (Treble)
3-5, 9James Bowman (countertenor)
2Ashley Stafford (countertenor)
2Andrew Gant (High Tenor)
2,4,6-9John Mark Ainsley (Tenor)
2,4,9Michael George (Bass)
2,4,9Charles Pott (Bass)

Quiresters of Winchester College

The Choir of The King's Consort and Orchestra directed by Robert King

TT 56:25

Recording - St Jude-on-the-Hill, London ; 20-21 December 1988

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 20 October 1997
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