Henry Purcell

Odes for Queen Mary

Virgin Veritas VC7 59243 2

Track listing

1 - 11 Now does the glorious day appear

  1. Symphony
  2. Now does the glorious day appear
  3. Not any such joy could bring
  4. This does our fertile isle with glory bless
  5. Now does the glorious day appear
  6. It was a work of full as great a weight
  7. By beautious softness mixed with majesty
  8. Her hero to whose conduct and arms
  9. Our dear religion, with our laws defence
  10. No more shall we the great Eliza boast
  11. Now, now with one united voice

12 - 20 Loves godess sure was blind

  1. Symphony
  2. Loves godess sure was blind
  3. Those eyes, that form, that lofty mein
  4. Sweetness of nature and true wit
  5. Long may she reign over this isle
  6. May her blest example chase
  7. Many such days may she behold
  8. May she to heaven late return
  9. As much as we below shall mourn

21 - 29 Come ye sons of art

  1. Symphony
  2. Come ye sons of art
  3. Sound the trumpet
  4. Come ye sons of art
  5. Strike the viol, touch the lute
  6. The day that such a blesing gave
  7. Bid the virtues, bid the graces
  8. These are the sacred charms that shield
  9. See nature rejoicing has shown us the way


9,16,17,27,29 Julia Gooding (soprano), 7,9,13,15,18,22,23,25 James Bowman (countertenor),
15,18,23 Christopher Robson (countertenor), 3,4,9,10 Howard Crook (tenor), 8,14,26,28,29
David Wilson-Johnson (bass) 3,6,8 Michael George (bass)

Choir and Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Gustav Leonhardt

TT 65:15

Recording - Bishopsgate Institute, London; September 1991

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 23 October 1997
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