Benjamin Britten

The Fairy Queen

Decca Serenata 433 163-2

CD 1

Part 1 Oberons birthday

Jennifer VyvyanAttendant
James BowmanAttendant & Summer
Charles BrettAttendant
Peter PearsPhoebus
Mary WellsSpring
Ian PartridgeAutumn
John Shirley-QuirkWinter
  1. Symphony
  2. Now the night is chased away
  3. Let the fifes and clarions
  4. What a cruel long winter
  5. Hail! great parent
  6. That the ever grateful spring
  7. Here's the summer, sprightly, gay
  8. See my many coloured fields
  9. Now, winter comes slowly
  10. Hail! great parent

Part 2 Night and silence

Charles BrettFairy spirit
Ian PartridgeFairy spirit
John Shirley-QuirkFairy spirit & Sleep
Owen BranniganDrunken poet
Jennifer VyvyanFirst fairy & Mystery
Mary WellsSecond fairy
Norma BurrowesNight
James BowmanSecrecy
  1. Come all ye songsters of the day
  2. May the God of wit inspire
  3. Now join your warbling voices all
  4. Fill up the bowl then
  5. See, even night herself is here
  6. I am come to lock all fast
  7. One charming night
  8. Hush, no more
  9. Dance

CD 2

Part 3 The sweet passion

Jennifer VyvyanNymph
Peter PearsShepherd & Coridon
Alfreda HodgsonMopsa
James BowmanShepherd
  1. Overture
  2. If love's a sweet passion
  3. The Plaint
  4. Now the maids and the men
  5. A dance of haymakers
  6. A thousand, thousands ways
  7. Hornpipe & rondeau

Part 4 Epithalamium

Jennifer VyvyanAttendant
Mary WellsAttendant
Peter PearsAttendant
Alfreda HodgsonAttendant
James BowmanAttendant
John Shirley-QuirkAttendant
Owen BranniganHymen
  1. Symphony
  2. Hark! Hark! the echoing air
  3. Sure the dull God of marriage
  4. See, I obey
  5. Turn then thine eyes
  6. My torch indeed...Thou shalt be
  7. Chaconne
  8. They shall be as happy

Ambrosian Opera Chorus

English Chamber Orchestra

Benjamin Britten

TT CD 1 56:27

TT CD 2 39:20

Recording - The Maltings, Snape, Suffolk ; September 1970

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 23 October 1997
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