Henry purcell

Anthems, Instrumental music & songs

Teldec 9031 77608-2

Track listing

CD 1

  1. Rejoice in the Lord alway Z49
  2. Blow up the trumpet in Sion Z10
  3. O God, thou art my God Z35
  4. Chacony in G minor Z730
  5. O God, thou hast cast me out Z36
  6. My heart is inditing Z30
  7. Remember not, Lord, our offences Z50

CD 2

  1. Overture in D minor Z771
  2. Pavan in B flat minor Z750
  3. Ground in D minor Z222
  4. Overture (with suite) in G major Z770
  5. Pavan in A minor Z749
  6. Chaconne; Three parts on a ground in D major Z731
  7. Overture in G minor Z772
  8. Suite in D major Z667
  9. Pavan of four parts in G minor Z752
  10. Sefauchi's farewell in D minor Z656
  11. A new ground in E minor Z682
  12. Sonata in A minor Z804
  13. Fantasia a 4 no. 7
  14. Fly swift, ye hours
  15. The father brave
  16. Return, revolting rebels


James Bowman (Countertenor)
Nigel Rogers (Tenor)
Max Van Egmond (Bass)

Leonhardt Consort

Gustav Leonhardt

Brüggen Consort

Frans Brüggen

TT CD 1 ???

TT CD 2 ???

Recording - (Fantasia) Bennebroek, Holland ; March 1967 (Fantasia), December 1967 (Songs), June-July 1969 (Anthems)

Jane Pattle
Last Updated 24 October 1997
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