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Paloma "Stresa" Super-Sport

by Bernard Soler-Thèbes

The legislation (in France) limiting the speed of mopeds to 50km/h was brought into force in June 1964, but it was already being regarded as the norm by the middle of 1962.  With the requirements of the A1 licence looming on the horizon, Paloma decided to "steal a march" on its competitors by producing a light motor cycle.  As it happened, Franco Morini had just unveiled a unit-construction 80cc engine & 4-speed gear for the Italian market.  Thus it was that, at the 1962 Salon, Paloma presented the Stresa Super-Sport.

The machine, finished in black and Biarritz blue, was very attractive; unfortunately it corresponded more to the wishes of the legislators than to those of the customers.  You can guess the result; the Stresa was a commercial failure.  The result of this set-back was that Paloma reverted to 49cc machines, available in the two legal varieties: with and without pedals.  Thus was created the "Special Johnny", exhibited at the 1963 Salon.

Model Stresa Super Sport
Maker S N E Paloma, Saint Ouen, France
Engine Lavalette-Morini, 4-speed, 4hp, foot-change
Carburettor Dell'Orto ME 15 B
Frame Double cradle
Fuel capacity 10 litre
Tyres 2.25×19

English version first published - August 1994

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