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The Les Amis... articles listed above were written by David Beare.  In July 2009, Mr Beare decided that he no longer wanted these articles to appear in the archive.  In accordance with his wishes they have been withdrawn.

The August 1994 column also contained a report on Solexes at the VMCC Cyclemotor Section's annual road run, which is reproduced below.  The author was not named.

August 1994

Five Solexes showed the Tricolor at The Plough, Marsh Gibbon, on a glorious 3rd July.  Three were smart '60's 3800s of the fixed-grip type, though John Blackburn's had been modified to twist-grip.  Not only that, but said 3800 boasted a high-compression head, gas-flowed ports and a free-flow exhaust can, sorry, silencer.  Reputed to pull like a train too.  Their owners rode to the meeting under power.  Cliff Bayley had used Repaint to good effect on the frame of his mount and it looked splendid.  Ralph was also there, though MZ mounted rather than on his 5000, as his wife came too.  The remaining pair, mid-70's 3800s, were brought by car from Sussex and ridden by Tim and Margaret Bunting.  Loved the brown Hammerite Tim!

Joyce & David Hughes had created a new 24-mile route to the East, on this occasion ridden anti-clockwise, with members of the VMCC cyclemotor section.  On a hot summer's day the bikes made a cooling breeze; still, it was shirt-sleeve order for some.  As usual riders became strung out after a while, what with speed differentials, short cuts, 'long-cuts', a flock of sheep, bafflement with farm-gate fixings and the lure of wayside pubs.  These things and the charm of the passing scenery made a wonderful run for Solexistes, not to mention the other participants, riding an intriguing selection of cyclemotors and motor-assisted bicycles.  The proceedings were rounded off in the late afternoon by an open air AGM for the VMCC members, under the trees on the lawn - a lovely end to the day.  If Les Amis are kindly welcomed again, let us at least double our numbers!

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