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by Barry Roe

Some information about the Cymota unit from period sources: The Cymota is a 45cc two-stroke internal combustion engine utilising a deflector type piston.  The motor, fuel tank, battery and fixing clamps are mounted on the black back plate (ie "the chassis") and the lamp is mounted in the bonnet (ie "the body"), which covers the motor and fits flush against the back plate, rubber beading being inserted to prevent rattles.

Bore 38mm
Stroke 40mm
Cubic Capacity 45cc
Carburettor Amal type 308
Main jet 25
Mixture control needle in centre slot
Fuel tank capacity 3 pints
Fuel Petroil mixture in the proportion 20:1.  The measure attached to the fuel cap holds the correct amount of oil for 1 quart of petrol.
Lubrication The following grades are recommended for summer & winter: SingleShell, Wakefield Castrolite, Mobiloil Arctic, Essolube 20 (ie all grades to SAE 20)
Plug Champion L10
Gap 0.018"
Ignition & lighting Flywheel magneto
Bulbs Headlamp: 8v 0.5A
Parking light: 4.5v 0.3A
Tail light: 6v 0.5A
Battery Twin cell, Exide C60 or Ever-Ready 800
Contact breaker gap 0.012" - 0.015"
Timing 0.015" BTDC

First published - October 1991

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