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The 2nd Maldon Run

by Keith & Alison Rutledge

'Twas on a Sunday morning
    The thirteenth of July
An intrepid group of NACCers
    Came 'buzzing' slowly by.

They started at the Motor Fair
    In sunny Maldon town;
Thirteen all told, they made their way
    Along, and up, and down.

They visited the factory
    In Tiptree, where they make
The famous jam, and there they had
    A cream tea, or a cake.

Some braved the 'Maldon mountain'
    As home they made their way
To collect their plaque and pot of jam!
    The end of a perfect day.

To make sure they came back safely
    We had Emma to keep track;
She counted them all out
    And she counted them all back!

We had a raffle also
    In aid of charity,
Oh, by the way, along the route
    Some were overtaken - by a bee!

The chrome on Honda Goldwings
    Had a dazzle that we lacked
But we don't care, we enjoyed the fair
    Even though we ended up NACCered.

First published - October 1997

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